Spring 2012: Nails for every Style

I’ve recently noticed many ladies rocking some interesting nails this season; I myself am guilty, as well. Surely you have seen the one nail as a different color trend? I feel like I’ve been seeing it everywhere lately! One reason this look is AMAZING is because it guarantees that you can coordinate your nail color with your outfit. Say you’re wearing a printed dress that has several different colors; painting your nails with two different colors to match is a cool way to stay trendy! Here’s an example of two colors that I applied yesterday:

But this is only the beginning. There are some other hot nail trends for Spring 2012, including a reverse French manicure, bright colors, and Ombré nails (like Brittni’s new hairstyle). Check out this video for the how-to on perfecting a Reverse French Manicure.

Next, here are some FUN and FABULOUS new Spring 2012 colors:

Bazooka by Essie, $8.00

Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen, $2.59

Blue Lagoon by Revlon, $4.99

Snow White by Ulta, $6.00

Lastly, Ombré nails are a trend that are already big this Spring! There are actually two different ways to do this fun look. Just like Brittni’s hair, Ombré nails take on the French meaning of “shaded,” or polishing your nails so that they appear light to dark. The first way to achieve this look is on a single nail:

 The second way is by using your entire hand:

If you’re on a college budget like me, you can’t afford manis and pedis every other week. Plus, doing my own nails is sometimes very relaxing! I’m going to try out some of these new trends and colors this spring. If you’ve already mastered one of these looks, or are going to try out something trendy soon, send us a picture so we can share it!

What’s your favorite nail trend? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!


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3 Responses to Spring 2012: Nails for every Style

  1. onceamonth4 says:

    I really like the ombre nail for the whole hand! Especially the brownish one!

  2. I love the nail ideas at the bottom that fade from light to dark with each nail. How creative! I’ll have to give that a try. 😉

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