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You STILL don’t Have a Dress for NYE??

Is it bad that I just got my dress for New Years Eve like, 4 hours ago?  I’m not kidding.  Don’t get me wrong–it’s not because I didn’t put the effort in–I’ve been looking since November!  My problem is that … Continue reading

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Tis the Season… To Be Photogenic

‘Tis the season… for holiday parties, family portraits, New Year’s Eve, and lots of photos. My friends like to call me the “group photog” in between complaints about the ump-teenth photo that I’ve taken. But they also never fail to bother … Continue reading

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You call that Fashion? 2011 Edition

2011 was the year of animal prints, military jackets, color blocking, bangles, sachels, and of course, jeggings.  I don’t know about you, but for nearly every must-have item, there was at least one trend that made me cringe.  As 2011 comes to … Continue reading

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Warming up with a Holiday Drink

I love a good hot chocolate recipe, especially if it includes a little alcohol. Peppermint Schnapps and Creme de Menthe make this an intensely warm, delicous drink. To make a Warm Peppermint Patty, you will need: 1 oz Peppermint Schnapps 1 … Continue reading

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Tat My Name on You So I Know….it’s Weird.

Idolization of celebrities is something that comes with the career. Once you enter a a job in the entertainment field, there is nothing you can’t find in the form of “fandom” these days. For those who may not obsess over celebs … Continue reading

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Workout Do: Getting (off the scale and) On Track to a Better You

Some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions every year have to do with losing weight, eating healthier, and/or changing lifestyles. If you’re setting one of these goals this year, good for you! A new year is the perfect time … Continue reading

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Safely in Style: Ringing in the New Year

And just like that, Christmas is over. Twenty-somethings love going home for the holidays. But with Christmas ’11 in the past, it’s time to look ahead (or maybe even finalize) plans for the new year. Now that your friends are all finally of age, … Continue reading

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Holiday Ugly Sweater Parties: Turning “Tacky” into “Trendy”

Attending an Ugly Sweater Party around this time of year doesn’t mean that you have to look ugly. There are ways of pulling off the hideous knitted patterns and designs while still looking cute. My roommates and I had one of … Continue reading

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Hashtagging: How to Keep Up with the Trend

Anyone engulfed in the lifestyle that is Twitter knows how to use them; anyone on the outside looking in sees them as some sort of annoying typo. Hashtags: what EXACTLY is the point of them and why have them become … Continue reading

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MTV’s Best Movies of 2011

A few months back, I cancelled my Netflix subscription because I really didn’t have the time to get my money’s worth. I’d get the movies in the mail, drop them on my desk, and send them back for new ones before I … Continue reading

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