Satisfy Your Fashion Cravings with ModCloth!

Unhealthy or not, I get a rush from shopping, especially online. Scrolling through the pages of items, previewing different color options, imagining all the outfits I can create, and finishing it up by checking out funky accessories gives me a rush of adrenaline unparalleled by any other activity. If this makes me somewhat of a shopaholic, so be it. I may not be great at accounting, but boy can I shop.

Through my countless hours online shopping, I’ve stumbled upon many websites, many of which I’ve ordered once or twice from and promptly forgotten about them. Presently, there are only a few websites I visit frequently, including my newest favorite site,


My favorite flats from ModCloth! ($39.99)

Selling fabulously vintage items, ModCloth is rapidly gaining popularity, possibly due to their large selection and adorably unique clothing, shoes, accessories, and “apartment” selection. Inspired mainly by vintage or “mod” apparel, ModCloth offers classic fashion items to their growing customer base of fabulous fashionistas!

Heading up this booming company, college school sweethearts, Susan and now-hubby, Eric Koger, launched ModCloth in 2002 while the two were still attending Carnegie Mellon University. Expanding rapidly in the past twelve years, the Koger’s now successfully manage a fifteen million dollar company.


A typical ModCloth dress – simple, feminine, and romantic! ($69.99)

Turning her hobby for thrift shopping into a business, Koger has used innovative and progressive methods for stocking ModCloth’s inventory. Taking customer’s requests into account, ModCloth uses methods like “Be the Buyer,” where customers get to choose which items they would like ModCloth to sell, and the “Let us know if you need it” feature, in which customers can request for a certain item to be returned to stock. With great customer service as an added bonus, ModCloth emphasizes the importance of the customer and their opinions.


Keep all of your fashionable scarves in one place with this useful hanger! ($17.99)

By developing a community-atmosphere with their customers through contests, behind the scenes Instagram photos, and a community blog, ModCloth excels at customer communication. Paired with constantly updated merchandise which feature awesome styles, ModCloth is gaining more success and recognition daily, as deserved. With any luck, this fantastic website will continue to thrive, offering ladies out there tons of fun outfits to choose from.

Check out this awesome site and let us know about your personal ModCloth experiences!


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Just a Jersey girl studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland trying to document what I can remember for your viewing pleasure :)
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