People Lemme Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend

Recently, I bought into the contouring trend, spending way too much time watching YouTube videos and analyzing photos in hopes of creating the perfect angular cheekbone illusion. Where has this led me? Unfortunately not very far. As much as I try, I’m no makeup expert and Angelina Jolie cheekbones just aren’t in the cards for me. However, one magical product I discovered through this new interest in makeup makes the time spent well worth it. Let me tell you a little bit about my new best friend, Revlon’s Photoready Eye Primer and Brightener!

eye brightener

This awesome product can usually be found for just $9.99!

This brilliant product is meant to highlight your eyes and make them pop, and boy does it do its job. Just dab a tiny bit below each eye and on the eyelid and voila! An easy product for your regular makeup routine, this quick fix has also saved me on makeup-free days when I need just a little something to make me look like I actually got more than four hours of sleep the night before. Sold at most supermarkets and drug stores, I would highly recommend this awesome product to every gal out there!

Try it out and let me know if you agree!


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Satisfy Your Fashion Cravings with ModCloth!

Unhealthy or not, I get a rush from shopping, especially online. Scrolling through the pages of items, previewing different color options, imagining all the outfits I can create, and finishing it up by checking out funky accessories gives me a rush of adrenaline unparalleled by any other activity. If this makes me somewhat of a shopaholic, so be it. I may not be great at accounting, but boy can I shop.

Through my countless hours online shopping, I’ve stumbled upon many websites, many of which I’ve ordered once or twice from and promptly forgotten about them. Presently, there are only a few websites I visit frequently, including my newest favorite site,


My favorite flats from ModCloth! ($39.99)

Selling fabulously vintage items, ModCloth is rapidly gaining popularity, possibly due to their large selection and adorably unique clothing, shoes, accessories, and “apartment” selection. Inspired mainly by vintage or “mod” apparel, ModCloth offers classic fashion items to their growing customer base of fabulous fashionistas!

Heading up this booming company, college school sweethearts, Susan and now-hubby, Eric Koger, launched ModCloth in 2002 while the two were still attending Carnegie Mellon University. Expanding rapidly in the past twelve years, the Koger’s now successfully manage a fifteen million dollar company.


A typical ModCloth dress – simple, feminine, and romantic! ($69.99)

Turning her hobby for thrift shopping into a business, Koger has used innovative and progressive methods for stocking ModCloth’s inventory. Taking customer’s requests into account, ModCloth uses methods like “Be the Buyer,” where customers get to choose which items they would like ModCloth to sell, and the “Let us know if you need it” feature, in which customers can request for a certain item to be returned to stock. With great customer service as an added bonus, ModCloth emphasizes the importance of the customer and their opinions.


Keep all of your fashionable scarves in one place with this useful hanger! ($17.99)

By developing a community-atmosphere with their customers through contests, behind the scenes Instagram photos, and a community blog, ModCloth excels at customer communication. Paired with constantly updated merchandise which feature awesome styles, ModCloth is gaining more success and recognition daily, as deserved. With any luck, this fantastic website will continue to thrive, offering ladies out there tons of fun outfits to choose from.

Check out this awesome site and let us know about your personal ModCloth experiences!


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I’m SO Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired!

Those of you that know me (or follow me on Twitter or Facebook) know that I’m ALWAYS sick. It’s something I’ve dealt with my entire life—on top of constantly feeling fatigued and never fully-rested. If I had to be completely honest, I’d say about 80% of the time I just feel like crap. It’s so bad that my own friends and family joke around and say that instead of posting complaining about being sick, I should post when I’m feeling 100% healthy (because those days are few and far between!)

When I was growing up, I remember having a TON of colds and periodically having ear infections and strep throat. I always accounted it to having a weak immune system—but it was never really proven. As I’ve gotten older, the unfortunate trend has continued and now I’m also very prone to getting sinus infections.  I come down with a cold at least once a month (usually the week before that time of the month) and then the cold symptoms kind of linger or it turns into a sinus infection. I also feel cold symptoms, especially a sore throat, whenever I feel particularly stressed out (which is pretty frequently) or if I didn’t get much sleep the night before. It’s just so frustrating and annoying!

Of course, there are people that suggest that I need to get more sleep (they’re probably right), have a better diet (mine’s okay, but could be better I guess), and exercise 3-5 times a week (so maybe they’ve got a point there…) And then I have people that advise me to take vitamins, which I’m admittedly horrible at—so horrible that I have three bottles collecting dust on my shelf as we speak. (Thankfully my boyfriend force-feeds me vitamin C gummies when I see him on the weekends 🙂 )  

So I’m clearly reallllly bad at taking other people’s advice. But, you’ll be happy to hear that I did get a full physical with my family doctor in January to see if anything major was going on and to get some peace of mind. He advised me to get blood work to check on my thyroid, white blood count levels, and a couple other things. Between still being sick and running around in February, I finally got around to it this past weekend.

While I’m relieved that everything came back normal and that I’m seemingly “healthy,” it’s beyond frustrating that I still don’t know what the heck is wrong with me! My doctor just advised me to get plenty of rest, have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and to take a multi-vitamin or try vitamin B-complex.  I’m just so sick and tired of being sick and tired!


So, here it is in writing: I promise I will start AND continue going to bed earlier, eating better, exercising more regularly, and taking my vitamins EVERY DAY.

I’d love to hear your own suggestions on what I should do to feel more rested/energized/healthy! Share them below or @20sTweet!

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Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickel and Dimed: A Look at Reality, and the American Minimum Wage Grind

Barbara Ehrenreich is a cultural phenomenon all by herself. The woman who has emerged from the hippie-immersed 60s as a college student and became a creative non-fiction author, has now published 24 books and taught Journalism at the University of California at Berkley in 1998 and 2000.

I recently finished reading her book Nickel and Dimed, which is her personal account of traveling across American and getting by working the minimum wage occupations that many Americans are working every day. Her story is honest, hilarious, and humble. Eherenreich does not set out to inspire herself, but her book works to inspire all of her readers. Without giving away all of its contents, I will say that given the research and the commitment that she put into the project readers will stop to realize how working minimum wage jobs can be taxing for a persons health, social capability, and family life. Americans will often neglect the hard work of people who are serving them at their favorite restaurant, or picking up the clothes that are constantly being dropped at retail stores. Everyone has a purpose in life, and these workers are more dedicated to their jobs and to actually pleasing the customers than the women and men who employ them.

If you’re interested in the hustle-and-bustle of the American minimum wage grind, I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of Ehrenriech’s book. This work will take you on an emotional roller coaster as you experience her anger towards the unjust managers that she encounters, the bonds that she develops with her hard-working co workers, and the sadness on behalf of the true experiences of the 9 to 5 shift. Twenty-something’s who are coming out of school, or those who are already in the work-force this book will make you consider what we’re up against. Eherenreich hits us with the hard reality of the labor that occurs everyday while pumping in some hilarious situations and thoughts that she collects while she is working several jobs. Nickel and Dimed is a fascinating and inspiring book, and I urge anyone who is looking to be blown away by the reality of the American workforce to grab a copy. This book will pour over the details that you never knew before. Grab a copy and a coffee – and enjoy!


barb ehr. home_nickelanddimed

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DIY Valentine’s Gifts for all the special people in your life

For the first time in forever I actually have a Valentine for this sometimes controversial yet love filled day. Some people think Valentine’s Day is just a day created by Hallmark, and others go all out for the ones they love. I’m somewhere in the middle. For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I decided to just get each other candy and a card. Easy, simple, and classic. But of course I had to look at all the awesome DIY projects on Pinterest; here are some of my favorites! Maybe I’ll even try some out!

 DIY pocket hand warmers – perfect for the colder weeks ahead!

hand warmers

You will need:

  • Felt
  • Thread
  • sewing needle
  • rice
  • fragrance (optional)


  • Cut out a heart twice, this will be the front and back of the hand warmer.
  • Stitch along the edges with your needle and thread, leaving a small hole to fill with rice.
  •  At this point you can fill the warmer with as much (or as little) rice as you like, and add fragrance. This can be something like peppermint extract (in my kitchen) or perfume.
  •  Finish stitching and tie off.

To use the hand warmer can be warmed for 30 seconds in the microwave, and then put immediately into a coat pocket. These are perfect for all the loved ones in your life! For more Valentine’s DIY’s check out The Peaceful Mom on Pinterest!

2. DIY Beer Bottles

 Materials needed:

  • Whatever amount of beer you’d love to give (6 pack being the easiest)
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Valentine’s Day themed stickers (hearts, lips, cute sayings)
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Scissors

How to:

  • Cut out label sized pieces of construction paper, you can always trim them up if necessary.
  • Decorate as you think appropriate! Either making up little sayings, movie quotes, or just writing I love you on them all. They’ll love them either way, you decorated beer bottles!
  • Glue on, and you’re done!

Here are a few cute sayings that a Boston blogger came up with!


 3. DIY Sugar Cookie Foot Scrub

This is a great gift for the winter time! Everyone is having dry skin issues due to the cold weather, and a nice foot scrub is the perfect DIY gift. Might not be best for the guys, but they can always make this for you! This is the perfect gift for your girlfriends, mom, or even for yourself after a long day.


  • 2/3 cup granulated white sugar
  • 1/3 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 tbs vanilla extract
  • 1 half pint mason jar


  • In a medium sized bowl, combine your brown sugar and white sugar. Whisk them together until they are completely combined.
  • Add in your olive oil and vanilla extract and mash together with a fork until all of the oil is combined into the sugar mixture.
  • Pack the mixture down into your mason jar.
  • To finish, you can add a nice ribbon and stick a label to the jar. Now, it is ready for gifting or for your own use! 

 sugar scrub

Make sure to visit Gina for some more DIYs and fun recipes!

Hope you enjoyed these Valentine’s Day DIYs! Do you guys have any DIYs you think TwentyTweets should try?! Let us know on Facebook and Twitter @20sTweets! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


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Brittni’s Top 5 Bare Minimum Beauty Essentials

Like most women, I LOVE getting all dolled up. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a casual Friday night, playing with different makeup looks is one of my favorite pastimes recently–especially since I started working part-time at Bare Minerals. With this being said, I am more of a low-maintenance girl at heart. On the days when I’m not working or can pull off a fresh face with no makeup, it does take a little bit of effort to feel completely comfortable. I know there must be other women who feel the same way, so I decided to share my go-to low-maintenance beauty essentials. Don’t worry–you’ll only need about five minutes to incorporate these products into YOUR everyday routine.

  • First thing’s first, you absolutely have to start with a clean palette. When I’mScreen shot 2014-02-07 at 10.33.02 AM in the shower or need a quick cleanse any time of the day, I live by Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. It’s a gentle, all-purpose facial cleanser that will remove any excess dirt, oil, makeup, and everything in between. It works wonders without leaving your skin feeling overworked or dried out. I use the 16oz bottle ($35) usually twice per day and it lasts me about three months.
  • Now it’s time for the fun stuff. Once my face is squeaky clean, this next step is my personal favorite. Used both day and night on freshly washed skin, Bare Minerals’ Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment is basically a miracle worker in a bottle. Since it’s a serum, make sure you use it before your Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 10.41.15 AMmoisturizer or at the beginning of your post-cleansing facial routine. This treatment will help even out your skin tone, diminish dark spots or discoloration, and will provide you with an all-over brightness–like you’re glowing from within! You will see maximum results after about four weeks but you will notice changes almost immediately after your first use. At $55 a bottle, it might be a little over a twenty-something’s budget, but it’s definitely worth the splurge. A little goes a long way so it should last you at least two months. (And don’t worry–I’m definitely not biased just because I work for Bare. I would firmly stand behind this product either way! 🙂 )
  • Now that my skin is glowing and ready for a little hydration, it’s time to massage in my favorite daily moisturizer. Philosophy won my heart again on this one. Their Take a Deep Breath Moisturizer, $35, might seem like another bank-breaker buScreen shot 2014-02-07 at 10.51.40 AMt it’s totally worth the extra cash. It comes in two styles–one with and one without SPF 30. I’m a firm believer in staying young-looking for as long as possible, so I always stick with the SPF version. The formula is oil-free which is perfect for my combination to oily skin, and as its name states, it literally helps your skin breathe. It diffuses energizing oxygen to detoxify skin and support cell respiration, while a blend of antioxidants fight the signs of stress. Now that’s my kind of moisturizer!
  • Since I color my hair, I try not to wash it every day. Actually–don’t judge– I typically only reach for the shampoo while I’m in the shower twice a week. Judge if you will, but Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 3.02.47 PMthere are soooo many perks–think: shower time is cut in half, money is saved on shampoo/conditioner, your hair is able to produce natural oils it needs to look amazing– and if your hair can pull it off, I am a huge advocate! Anyways, for the times when I do decide to wash my hair, my post shower regimen absolutely has to include my favorite hair product, It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin. Since I wrote a whole post devoted to this must-have, I will let you indulge yourself in all of its miraculous glory.
  • Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about my body! The hands-down-most-amazing-anScreen shot 2014-02-07 at 3.07.40 PMd delectable body moisturizer HAS to be Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula. It’s cheap. It’s creamy. It smells like chocolate. It gets the job done. I’ve noticed such a difference since I started using it this winter. Usually my legs turn into these ashy and disgusting things that I would never reveal until probably mid-to-late Spring. But now, they’re fully hydrated all the time. Pro tip: moisturize right after you get out of the shower. I usually do my facial routine then head down to the rest of my body so I don’t get anything extra on my face (yeah, I’m paranoid). Target, or any drug store, should carry this lotion and it’s usually under $5. Invest now–your body will thank you!

Although I may not be totally “fresh-faced” or product-free, it never hurts to incorporate a little something to help your natural beauty shine through. I’m all about exemplifying what I have–instead of changing it–and these items help me do just that.

What are your bare minimum beauty essentials? Share with me in the comments below or @20sTweet!


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TwentyTweets Guide to the Best & Worst Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

Hello my favorite twenty-somethings 🙂 In my “Puppy Love” post last week, I mentioned that the TwentyTweets staff would be sharing our favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials this week. Due to Mother Nature interjecting her unpredictable personality and hitting the East Coast with an abundance of snow and ice, we’ve been a little out of touch. But don’t you worry, we’re safe and ready to dish the commercials we loved and the ones we hated!


The anticipation was high on Super Sunday, not just for the match up between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, but the commercials (and maybe the Puppy Bowl 🙂 ).

According to Adage, a 30-second advertising spot during the Super Bowl costs an average of $4 million dollars. With the absurd costs for 30 seconds of fame (and some companies had even longer spots), it’s no wonder these companies are under such high pressure to deliver the winning commercial. Whether it be the funniest, the cutest or most original—everyone has the same final goal with their advertisements: to make people remember  them and to ultimately hopefully increase sales.

Here’s what the staff of TwentyTweets thought was hot and what was not in this year’s round of Super Bowl commercials:


Super Bowl commercials seem to one-up each other year after year, until this year! Having upheld this trend for the last few years, I was surprised to find myself disappointed with the commercials as a whole. However, with that said, there were certainly a few diamonds in the rough. Some of my favorites included: McDonald’s bad lip reading commercial, GoldieBlox’s empowering sing-a-long, and Budweiser’s touching veteran homecoming.

My absolute favorite had to be the beautifully done Coca-Cola commercial, which celebrated the vast diversity in our country. For a sap like me, this rendition of “America the Beautiful” featured in multiple different languages brought tears to my eyes. Cheers to Coke for concocting such a powerful commercial, may all the naysayers remember Americans speak a multitude of different dialects – we should celebrate, not shun that!

My least favorite commercial style was in full-effect for this Super Bowl, unfortunately. Keeping the audience guessing up until the very end, only to flash a single shot of the product being sold just doesn’t make sense to me! This is especially frustrating when even after the product has been revealed, there is no clear correlation between the item and the ad. I’m talking to you, Maserati! Give it to me straight, don’t keep me guessing!

I have to agree with Lauren and say that I was a bit disappointed with the commercials this year. During the second quarter of the game I even remember turning to my aunt and saying, “I forgot I’m suppose to be watching for the best commercials” because nothing was standing out. But I did have a few favorites that shined through:

I have to give it up to Doritos .. They really do have some hilarious commercials every year. The kid tricking the adult into giving him his Doritos while he placed him in a homemade “time machine” was so perfect. And the cute dog was an added bonus.

Also….Not to be a cliche girl or anything but my mouth hit the floor when the H&M commercial featuring David Beckham, so I obviously have to feature that as one of my favorites!

My least favorite obviously has to go out to Axe. Honestly.. What guy even wears Axe anymore? I believe the commercial was debuting their new “Peace” scent. I think Axe in general just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. But this commercial added something extra.

Audi’s “Doberhuahua” commercial was hysterical to me. The main premise behind it was to show that the new Audi doesn’t compromise. Although I kind of don’t get the connection between this dog with a huge head and little body and a sports car, I’m a sucker for dogs of any kind. It also helps the Sarah McLachlan parodied herself in the ad–I died!

Bud Light totally dropped the ball when it came to advertisements last night. When I saw the first half of it’s series about the guy who allegedly didn’t know he was in a Bud Light commercial, I had high hopes. When the second installment played, though, I was kind of annoyed and thought it was honestly really dumb. With all the resources in the world basically–A.K.A. $$$$$–they could have done way better than a ping pong match and an appearance from One Republic (no offense). Luckily enough for Bud light, it doesn’t matter what their commercials were like at the end of the day– I still had a bottle in my hand all night! (And I guess you could say I was a little jealous it wasn’t ME in the commercial..)

I have to agree with Taylor on my favorite being the Dorito’s “Time Machine” commercial. It isn’t very common to find commercials that actually make you stop and laugh anymore, but this did just that. Between the cardboard time machine constructed by a child, the confusion of an ignorant adult neighbor who gives up his bag of Dorito’s to experience the ultimate time machine, and the man who ends up eating his neighbor’s bag of Dorito’s, all while inside this card board contraption and while being shook around by the same child that made the machine, was just a brilliant combination! The company always comes out with some great commercials, but this years definitely provided a laugh, and a desperate desire to run out to the nearest store and grab a bag of delicious chips.

Since I am the sole guy-contributor on TwentyTweets, I am going to have to say that H & M’s commercial starring yours truly, David Beckham, was the WORST commercial of the Super Bowl (sorry Taylor!) I mean, who wants to see a star football, I mean soccer player, running around in his underwear, and having the camera make it seem like nothing is on at one point. Okay girls, I get it… It just didn’t work for me. Maybe next time H & M.

Since I already gushed about my love for Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl commercial in my post last week, I guess I should highlight some of the other commercials that caught my eye during that snooze-fest of a football game (and ones we haven’t already mentioned). Let me first start with Cheerios, a brand that has always had some of the cutest commercials in my opinion. Their Super Bowl commercial “Gracie” was definitely no exception and had me giggling and saying “awe” at the end. And seriously, that mom was pissssed!

Of course, I wouldn’t be a 90s girl without mentioning the moment we’ve all been waiting for: a FULL HOUSE REUNION! I’m not ashamed to admit that John Stamos (A.K.A. Uncle Jesse) still makes me go “Have Mercy!” and having Uncle Jesse PLUS Danny (Bob Saget) and Joey (Dave Coulier) in one commercial was just freaking amazing! And I wouldn’t be a twenty-something if I didn’t mention the hard to ignore sexual context. My props to you, Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt.


And here are some other honorable mentions:

Radio Shack – “The Phone Call” #InWithTheNew

Microsoft – “Empowering”

T-Mobile – #NoContract  (At least Tim Tebow finally made it to the Super Bowl 😉 )


While the commercials overall were about as underwhelming as the game itself (unless you were a Seattle Seahawks fan of course), at least you got to enjoy some yummy game-day munchies and booze, right?!

The TwentyTweets staff would love to hear your own Super Bowl commercial picks, either share them below or at @20sTweet!

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That Awkward Moment when… My boyfriend and I weren’t sure if we both liked the same romantic comedy

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to see the newest Zac Efron movie romantic comedy to hit the big screen. I’d heard varying reviews regarding That Awkward Moment featuring Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan but decided to give it a shot (plus I had movie passes so if I hated it, it wouldn’t be a total loss). IMDB describes the film as follows; “Three best friends find themselves where we’ve all been – at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide “So…where is this going?”” There was another post on IMDB naming the movie the male version of Sex and the City and I couldn’t agree more. As an avid watcher of SATC (Sex and the City) I found quite a few similarities between the two, except maybe that these twenty something year old guys are just a bit younger and sometimes a bit more immature.

There were several funny moments in the film, but there were also a few forced moments where I found myself confused on whether I should laugh or not. Let’s face it, SATC can sometimes be the same way.  The ladies of SATC are very different, so are the boys in That Awkward Moment. Jason played by Zac Efron would have to be the Samantha Jones of the film. He only gets involved with women for pleasure, and has a “roster” he adds women to every few weeks. I don’t want to give away many spoilers but Jason has one of the more complicated journeys through the film and the ending really does come full circle for him. Daniel, played by Miles Teller is a mix between Carrie and Samantha. He has a bit of a sensitive side, but also suggests using a coupon to purchase a hooker. You do the math. And lastly, Mikey is played by Michael B. Jordan and he is definitely a Charlotte. He married the only girl he loved, and can’t get her off his mind. But like Charlotte, sometimes the first marriage just doesn’t work out. He also has a bit of Miranda mixed in since he can’t stop eating ice cream, if you’re an avid SATC watcher you’ll remember when Miranda was obsessed with cake and eventually had to throw a cake away and pour dish soap on it to stop herself from inhaling the whole thing.  Awkward…

This is for sure the male version of SATC and like every twenty something woman (and every woman ever)  who watched SATC all twenty something year old men should watch this film. There are a few crude parts, but also many moments that young men could really learn from. It’s honestly the perfect movie for date night. Your boyfriend can learn a thing or two about how to treat women, and you can stare at some cute men for a few hours (besides the one sitting next to you of course).

I’ve linked the trailer to That Awkward Moment, so make sure to contact us on Facebook and Twitter @20sTweets to let us know what you think of the trailer! If you’ve seen the film what are your thoughts?!


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Studying Abroad: The In’s and Out’s of Traveling The World As A College Student

Studying abroad has always been a popular attraction for college students across the nation. With the rise in tuition, however, it has become more difficult to find opportunities to study abroad. Does that stop ambitious college students? Absolutely not.

With Study Abroad programs at the majority of American schools, there are usually within 10 to 40 different programs, that will allow students to study abroad, for various amounts of times, and in various places in one trip.

Since I haven’t personally had the chance to study abroad, I had to dig deeper and find some twenty-something’s that have!

Rachel Smith, an undergraduate at Bryant University had been dreaming of going to Australia since she was in the fifth grade. That opportunity came her way when she heard about Bryant’s study abroad program that would allow her to travel toAustralia for five months. Rachel couldn’t wait to get there, but she admits that she was “extremely nervous. Being away from my family and friends for 5 months scared me the most.”

Aside from the four classes that Rachel was taking in the Down Under, she said that the most memorable experience while she was abroad was “Probably snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef at 9pm with flashlight and glow sticks. I hate water, I hate the ocean, and I’m terrible at swimming. I guess I learned not to let fear get in the way of having potentially an amazing experience.”

The fun doesn’t stop there, there’s more. Bryce Holden, a undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island, has not studied abroad yet, but intends to study abroad for an entire year in Germany! Bryce recently took a tour of Germany with fellow students for 12 days to experience the culture that he would be soaking in for an entire year.

“We stayed in Berlin, Hamburg, Braunschweig and Cologne. We mainly visited companies we could potentially intern at as well as visited the city and campus of the school I would be studying at next year for 6 months, Technische Universität Braunschweig. Then I will have an internship at a German company of my choice for another 6. I have also been to Spain and Italy,” he said.

While Bryce has not studied abroad yet, he has been abroad to both Italy, and Spain prior to his recent trip to Germany. He recalls his first experience in Europe, “I don’t think anything ever compares to that first night you spend in a foreign country or city. Your senses overload in the best way possible. You just want to take it all in and explore; speak with native people; enjoy the food and drink. It’s really hard to put into words.”

The last undergraduate that we spoke to is currently abroad in London. Katie Simoneau is a student at Roger Williams University, and is currently studying for a semester at the WestminsterBusiness school in Central London. While Kate had a similar interest at first in studying in Germany like Bryce, she said that, “I’ve always wanted to travel, and I knew I could fit a ton of different places in if I went to Europe. Originally I wanted to go to Germany, but my school didn’t offer a spring semester abroad there and I decided my German was not good enough yet. London seemed like a good choice.”

So London it is. Katie is taking four classes, which include:  “the business of sport, online entertainment management, making management decisions, and an art class that brings us to cool exhibits, museums, and galleries around London.”

Katie tells us an interesting fact about the London education system, a 75 is an A+, whereas a 95 or above would be an A+ at the majority of American academies. Studying abroad will take students all around the globe, and can provide them with endless experiences of culture and different modes of study. Unfortunately it is not cheap, most abroad programs cost a pretty penny, but for twenty-something’s who can work hard, and save up some extra cash, it might be worth the extra buck. Think about it, if we didn’t spend so much money on Dunkin Donut’s every day, who knows, you might find yourself saving enough money to pay for a great trip. We encourage studying abroad, and we wish all of our readers good luck in their future travels!


Rachel pic from study abroadstudy abroad

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Budweiser Out Does Itself With Ridiculously Cute “Puppy Love” Super Bowl Commercial

OH EM GEE–this may be the absolute cutest commercial I have ever seen! I can’t even! Budweiser and the Anomaly advertising agency has tugged at my heartstrings, yet again, with this ridiculously adorable Super Bowl commercial “Puppy Love” and I cannot stop watching it. So maybe it doesn’t necessarily make me want to go out and buy 10 cases of Budweiser (but will probably make Brittni…:-P), but I do think the next time that I have a Bud, I’ll be happily thinking about lovable puppies and horses. And now, thanks to this commercial, I reallllllyyy want a yellow lab puppy and a Clydesdale horse! If this commercial doesn’t make you shed a tear and bring a smile to your face, then there’s no hope for you. I love beer, but I never thought it would make me so emotional (talk about beer tears!)

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial — “Puppy Love”

The other Super Bowl ads have a LOT to live up to and I for one cannot wait until Sunday night!

Stay tuned as the TwentyTweets staff dishes on their best and worst Super Bowl commercial picks next week!


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