People Lemme Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend

Recently, I bought into the contouring trend, spending way too much time watching YouTube videos and analyzing photos in hopes of creating the perfect angular cheekbone illusion. Where has this led me? Unfortunately not very far. As much as I try, I’m no makeup expert and Angelina Jolie cheekbones just aren’t in the cards for me. However, one magical product I discovered through this new interest in makeup makes the time spent well worth it. Let me tell you a little bit about my new best friend, Revlon’s Photoready Eye Primer and Brightener!

eye brightener

This awesome product can usually be found for just $9.99!

This brilliant product is meant to highlight your eyes and make them pop, and boy does it do its job. Just dab a tiny bit below each eye and on the eyelid and voila! An easy product for your regular makeup routine, this quick fix has also saved me on makeup-free days when I need just a little something to make me look like I actually got more than four hours of sleep the night before. Sold at most supermarkets and drug stores, I would highly recommend this awesome product to every gal out there!

Try it out and let me know if you agree!


About laurenkordalski

Just a Jersey girl studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland trying to document what I can remember for your viewing pleasure :)
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