Learning to Become a Not-So Picky Eater

While I frequently share some of the healthy foods that I love (mixed vegetables, falafel, Greek yogurt, beets, salad, and avocados), I fail to mention all of the healthy foods that I hate. Yep… I’ll admit it. Truth be told, I’m a very picky eater. It’s not good, and it’s definitely not always easy to eat balanced meals when I don’t even like half of the options on the salad bar.

I feel you, bud.

Yes, I know… Taste buds change over time. But I’ve re-tried some of the foods that I’m not so fond of and nothing has change. So where do I go from here? TwentyTweeters… I need your help!

Before I overwhelm you with the list of foods that I just won’t eat, let’s start with breakfast. Monday through Friday, I’m pretty good. I’ve branched out to try and actually enjoy nutrient-packed Greek yogurt. The weekends, however, are a different story. What’s with college students and post grads chowing down on brunch? I mean yes, it’s got to be done, because we’ve got to soak up the alcohol somehow. But when someone (aka… me) doesn’t like eggs, eating French toast and pancakes every weekend can get a little old. Not to mention, it’s a bit of a carb overload! Add some syrup and powdered sugar? It’s really not okay anymore…

I’ll spare you the details of a horrible childhood memory with an Easter egg and… missing yolk… (I’m sure you can imagine what I found inside the egg instead), but I really think it’s more of an excuse at this point than a reason for why I won’t eat eggs. Do people actually enjoy the taste of them?! I know they’re good for you (in moderation). I could definitely see myself putting together a delicious omelet combination… if it wasn’t for the eggs…

So how does one do it? How do you learn to become a not-so-picky eater? There’s got to be some sort of food that you’ve coached yourself to like… right? I could say I did that with beer and coffee… But those were more of necessities, if you will.

What have you tried and re-tried until you actually started liking it? Let’s fight this battle together. Picky Eaters… Unite!


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