Hot New Hair: Obsessed with Ombré

In many aspects, we’re pretty diverse here at TwentyTweets. When it comes to hair color, though, Erika, Jenna, and I are all on team brunette. I think it’s safe to say that we’re all damn proud of it, too (right guys???). But anyways… Before yesterday, the three of us had a pretty similar medium-long brown hair style. How did I break that mold? Ombré came into my life.

Ombré is a fairly new hairstyle that brings what used to be frowned upon in the hair world out of the shadows and onto runways and the covers of magazines. Grown-out roots and two-toned locks are the two of the main factors that make an ombré hair style. The word itself is French for “shaded,” so when the final product is complete, you can see where it gets its name.

So this week I decided it was time for a change. I wanted a new hairstyle but did not want to ditch my brunette roots (pun intended). After some intense research and a few Google searches I decided that I NEEDED to go for ombré. I found it on the likes of Adriana Lima, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the woman who inspired me to take the plunge: Victoria’s Secret Model Lily Aldridge. I felt that we had a similar natural brown hair color, so I brought this photo with me to the salon.

When asked where the craze came from, my stylist, Erin C. from Jazzi’s Hair & Nail Salon in Johnston, RI (which is conveniently located across the street from DJ Pauly D’s house….NBD) said,

“This season, the hottest trends in hair are minimal, effortless, and natural beauty. If you are looking for a different, more edgy look, that is low maintenance, try doing an ombré hair color. To achieve this look you will want to research a little before hand. Pictures are the best way to communicate with something like this, as there are many forms of the ombré.”

Not sure if you’re a fit? Erin also adds,

“This look is ideal for brunettes with medium to long hair. If you’re looking to get highlights that are different and low maintenance, this look is perfect because they’re pretty much ‘grown out’ already and you won’t need to go in every 4-6 weeks for root touch ups. Although it’s great for brunettes, it also looks beautiful on blondes and redheads as well.”

I think my first attempt at ombré was a complete success. Here’s the final product:

Photos by Erin

I am obsessed! I am content with the level of lightness that I have right now, but I feel like as the summer rolls around, I might go in to get it lightened a little more. What do you guys think?

Are any of you thinking about going for it? It can be a little intimidating at first but I promise you’ll love the outcome, especially if you find a stylist who knows what she’s doing (like the ladies at Jazzi’s ;)). Let us know what you think @20sTweet!


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3 Responses to Hot New Hair: Obsessed with Ombré

  1. glasmetwater says:

    I love it! But I don’t have it myself anymore. Some people are letting there hair grow out, but that’s not the same. It doen’t look beautifull then but unhealthy :s cool post by the way 🙂

  2. Lorrie L. Goralski says:

    We love it!!
    Have fun on your trip.

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