Mastering the Art of Bare Escentuals

Last night, I attended a Bare Escentuals Party with some of the ladies from my work. What is a Bare Escentuals Party, you ask? Well, it takes place at the store. You begin by taking off all of your makeup, and then following the B.E. experts through step-by-step directions of beauty tips and how-to’s with everything from moisturizer to lip gloss. It’s a complete makeover! Not only do you walk out feeling (and looking) glamorous, but you get to take home a “goodie bag” full of freebies and receive 15% off of anything that you buy that night!

Now you’re probably wondering… How can you have one? Well, my co-worker who invited me to this party won it in a business card raffle. You’ve probably seen those little jars near check-out counters that say, “Put your business card in for a chance to win!” Well, she did and she WON! And was ever so generous enough to include me in the group of five friends that you get to bring along. The ladies at Bare Escentuals were fabulous… I honestly can’t say enough great things about the entire experience. I also picked up quite a few tips (and new products) along the way! Such as…Updated foundation sequence. If you bought Bare Escentuals’ bareMinerals starter pack a while back like me, you’ve probably been applying the foundation first, then the warmth, and then the mineral veil. Well, they’ve recently updated that sequence! The purpose of the mineral veil is to soak up any oil before it reaches the surface to keep your make up looking fresh. So why were we putting that on last? The new, updated version of this sequence is 1) foundation, 2) mineral veil, and 3) targeted warmth application.

Warmth All Over Face. When we talked about our favorite bronzers in the TwentyTweets Beauty Product Guide, a lot of us mentioned that we use the Warmth All Over Face as a bronzer for our entire faces. That is still fine if that’s the look you’re going for. But if you want to target your warmth application to achieve that perfect “glow,” you should apply the warmth in a “3” and an “E” shape around your face. What do I mean? Start just above your eyebrow. Trace the brush around the outside of your eye, and across your cheekbone towards your nose (that’s the top curve of the “3” or “E,” depending on if you’re doing your right or left side). Re-trace your cheekbone back towards your ear and down around your jawbone (the second curve). Re-apply this “3” or “E” as many times as you want to achieve that perfect glow!

Mineral Veil. I never use it. And with combination skin, I learned that I most definitely should be! This product contains cornstarch, so it literally absorbs any oil before it reaches the surface. Like I said, you should be using it before the warmth application. You can also use it before your foundation as well (Recommended for extra oily skin). One of the awesome new products that I got for free was a Tinted Mineral Veil. Perfect for women who get really tan in the summer! Ever take a picture and your face looks paler than the rest of your body? The Tinted Mineral Veil can fix that! It acts sort of like a bronzer, but can be buffed completely in if you have fairer skin. A must-have for the summer!

Of course, we learned the “smokey eye” technique. Dramatic or subtle, depending on the individual. Try this own your own with Katy’s post on perfecting smokey eyes. My advice? Try it with the Flawless Definition Mascara. Another free gift, another new favorite for me! The wand of this mascara is unique because it pulls the perfect amount of mascara out of the tube at a time. Literally NO clumps, and it curled my lashes even without an eyelash curler.

Ginger Snap Lipstick. I’ve slowly been easing my way into the realm of lipstick. The B.E. expert working with me matched this color perfectly for my skin tone (so perfect in fact, that I bought it). It’s an Earthy-type of pink, with just enough color to actually look like I’m wearing it.

And that’s only the beginning! Questions about your own personal products? The B.E. experts give free makeovers all the time. Go in and ask — they love helping you look and feel beautiful!

What’s your fave Bare Escentuals product? Let us know @20sTweet!


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