RI Runs on Dunkin: An Obsession Explained? Maybe.

Marketers for the chain coffee shop Dunkin Donuts hit the nail on the head with their slogan “America Runs on Dunkin” because in reality… Most of us do. Whether it’s a true caffeine addiction or just pure convenience, the majority of us stop here at least once a week (if not more). So what gives?

I decided to take it upon myself to do a little research. How many Dunkins are there in this world? To figure that one out, I think I’d need a little bit more time and maybe another coffee; so I’ll stick to my “world”, a little state called Rhode Island. If this state isn’t one of the most densely populated Dunkin Donuts centers of the universe, I don’t know where else would be! There are Dunkin Donuts on almost every street corner. To prove this point, I visited the coffee-mogul’s website to find out how many were in my vicinity. I figured by typing in my town (Smithfield, which is located about 15 minutes north of Providence and about 15 minutes from the border of Massachusetts) and entering a radius of 50 miles, it would show me every Dunkin Donuts in RI. Apparently, I maxed their little search engine out because it only showed me Dunkins within approximately 20 miles from me. How many were there? Fifty. Check out this map to prove it:

Northern RI. I'm the red star.

Which towns were the most Dunkin-ed out? While these numbers may not be 100% accurate (especially since new onesΒ are constructed almost every day), here’s a list of the top cities and towns in RI with the most Dunkins. Did your city/town make the list?

  • Providence, RI: As the most populous location in the state, it boasts the most Dunkins with 19 and measures in at 20.5 sq miles (including water).
  • Warwick, RI: This is one of the biggest cities in RI, coming in at 49.6 sq. miles. With only 18 Dunkins, one may think that they were slacking on their donut game…Or they’re really tired all the time.
  • North Providence, RI: This town is located in what I like to call the “Tri-Guido-TownArea” (along with Johnston and Cranston). The residents of the T.G.T.A must bleed coffee beans because not only do they have one of the most Dunkin-populated streets in the state (Mineral Spring Ave), they have 15 in the whole town. It must also be noted that it is the second smallest town in the whole state, measuring in at a measly 5.8 sq. miles. This means there are approximately three Dunkins every mile. That’s dedication.
  • Cranston, RI: The number of Dunkins really drops once you enter this city, with a mere 9 for its 29.9 sq. mile area.
  • Johnston, RI: Only 7 Dunkin Donuts establishments in this town, which measures at 23.7 sq. miles. I wonder what Pauly D drinks?

My hometown of Smithfield only has 5 locations. Although some people may be totally set with a number like that, I still wish there was one closer to my house. (There is one about 5 minutes from me… Sad, I know).

The red & blue dots are Dunkin locations in RI

As you can see, for the smallest state in the United States we certainly have the biggest LOVE for our Dunkin Donuts coffee. How often do you stop by your local shop? Is it the convenience or do we actually ENJOY this coffee? This is the most serious question of them all. One thing is definitely true: We Run on Dunkin.

P.S.: Have you guys tried their newest caramel flavors? I tried the Caramel Turtle iced coffee today (it’s a combination of almond, caramel, and mocha flavors) and it’s AMAZING. You might as well go try one, especially since it’s so cheap. And don’t forget the Rhody-tradition: ask for a hot cup.

Tweet us your favorite flavors or pictures with your Dunkin beverage of choice @20sTweet. Happy Sipping!


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2 Responses to RI Runs on Dunkin: An Obsession Explained? Maybe.

  1. CKA Sam says:

    I hate Dunkin Donuts. When I do go, it’s strictly for convienence, usually I’m running late for work, or ran out of coffee at home. I think that I will, after reading this, completely divest from this corporation all together. Water is healthier anyways.

  2. Donna says:

    People need not to pull out until they are ready to drive not go15 mph because their fixing the coffee and food I hate dd

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