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A Nutritionist…In Your Pocket

Losing weight isn’t easy. I know what you’re thinking–hardly a revelation. What is it this week?  Carbs? No carbs? Low-carb? It can all be so confusing, and striking the perfect balance can be difficult. When it comes down to it … Continue reading

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To Do: Get TeuxDeux

I’m basically obsessed with organization.  Organizing my color according to color? You know it.  Matching bins and baskets to organize belts, scarves, and socks?  Could you expect anything less? To-do lists? Can’t live without them. My iPhone notes used to … Continue reading

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Ruining Our Lives… One Step At A Time

One of my favorite apps on my beloved iPhone is the Huffington Post app.  It has everything from “real” to “fake” news.  I’m sure you know the “fake” news that I’m talking about–the celebrity stories that you love to read … Continue reading

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Foursquare: The App that Keeps on Giving

I feel like I go through apps as fast as Kim Kardashian goes through men… a.k.a my attention span is slim to none at best. There are the obvious social media obsessions necessities that I check regularly, like Facebook and … Continue reading

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Move over Words: There’s a New App in Town!

Before I made The Switch, I was a huge fan of Brick Breaker on my Blackberry. Let’s be honest… We all had our two or three (or seven) week obsession with breaking bricks and beating levels. But seriously?! I had … Continue reading

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Don’t Settle for a Boring Phone Case

Today I was searching for a new iPhone case when I stumbled upon this little treasure: a website that lets you upload photos and design your own case! I haven’t ordered a case just yet, but I’ve been experimenting to see how … Continue reading

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Overcrowded Gym? There’s an App for That

Hello 2012; Hello massive crowds at the gym (at least for now). With the new year upon us, it seems like everyone and their best friend has joined a local gym. I have to admit, all these new faces have … Continue reading

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MTV’s Best Movies of 2011

A few months back, I cancelled my Netflix subscription because I really didn’t have the time to get my money’s worth. I’d get the movies in the mail, drop them on my desk, and send them back for new ones before I … Continue reading

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Goodbye Crackberry, Hello Siri

Okay, I did it! I finally traded in my crackberry for the new iPhone 4S. After dealing with daily reboots, frozen apps, and the annoyance of BBM… It’s over. It’s been less than 12 hours with my new phone and … Continue reading

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