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Tips for a Tastier Turkey

This week marks the time of year everyone’s been waiting for (or maybe dreading): the holiday season.  Between parties, feasts, shopping, midnight sales, (and way too many desserts) the holidays have begun. This year, my contribution to the holiday feast is limited to cookies … Continue reading

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Be Comfortable Going Nude

When it comes to nail polish colors, I’m not exactly a wild kind of gal.  In the spring/summer months, my manicures consist mainly of: coral, light pink, bright pink, light purple…you get the idea.  Pastels and pink.  Super exciting (except … Continue reading

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Spring’s Cringe-Worthy Trend

What the heck is a peplum?  Do you eat it? No.  Try again.  It’s something that you’ll hopefully not be wearing this Spring. As fashion-obsessed as I am, I only found out what peplum was about 3 weeks ago.  I … Continue reading

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Pencils. Out of the Classroom and Onto the Runway

It’s the beginning of winter so you know what that means: Spring fashion! Yes, I said spring.  Retailers are always a season ahead–back-to-school at the beginning of July, bathing suits hitting the shelves in March (or sometimes even earlier)…you get … Continue reading

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