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Time for Some Twitter101

Let’s face it… we’re all pretty much pros when it comes to social media, right? Actually, you’d be surprised how many people still do not know how to properly use many of their social media outlets. While we can definitely … Continue reading

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PSA: Stop Talking About Yourself

Because Freaky Friday with Sam on Forever Twenty Somethings was such a hit, we’ve decided to introduce a new opportunity to all of our TwentyTweeters out there! Is there something that you want to share with all of us? Consider … Continue reading

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Keeping in Touch vs. Telling too Much

Oh, Facebook. Most (if not all) of us have one.  It’s the place to reconnect with old friends stalk your ex.  It’s the place that originally made us all think, “It’s okay to creep!”  Basically, it ruins lives.  Kidding.  But … Continue reading

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