Fashion Fix: Resize an Over-sized Belt

How ANNOYING is it when you either buy a rockin’ new belt a size too big or you lose some weight so your favorite pant accessory no longer fits perfectly. Since we’re avid believers in revitalizing fabulous accessories as much as humanly possible, here’s one of our best-kept secrets. That pesky extra material will be gone in no time!

Sad, sad belt :(

Big belt 😦

Follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Find or buy some elastic hair ties. You’ll probably only need one, but it never hurts to have some extra. Hair ties
  2. Slip the hair tie onto your belt so it fits like an extra belt loop, as so.
  3. Voila! You now have a brand new, perfectly-fitting belt.

    Happy belt! :)

    Perfect belt! 🙂

Accessorize away, my friends!

Do you have another quick fashion fix? Leave your tips below in the comments or tweet away @20sTweet!


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Orange is the New…AMAZING

A couple weeks ago, I finally decided it was time to see what Netflix was all about. At first I was overwhelmed by the number of options I had to choose from, so I’ll be honest, I panicked. The first show I started watching was Keeping Up with the Kardashians because I really wanted to see how bad they used to dress in the first season. After about an hour of Kim’s velour jumpsuits and Khloe’s DUI re-enactment, I realized that I made a terrible decision. It was time to find a television show or movie that would turn this so far failed Netflix experience around. Then all of a sudden, a show scrolled in front of me and it was like I knew it was The One…

Meet: Orange is the New Black–my newest small-screen love affair.

Orange-is-the-New-Black-PosterI’m not typically the type to get hooked on a television series but when I do, I fall hard. After watching episode one of this Netflix Original Series, I absolutely needed to find out what was going to happen next in the newly incarcerated life of main character Piper Chapman. Her story is based on the real-life experience turned biography Orange is the New Black: My Life in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman. In the show, Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is forced to leave her upper-middle class New York City life with fiance Larry Bloom (Jason Biggs) to start a 15-month sentence for a crime she committed–and thought she left in her past– 10 years earlier.

As the show pans out, viewers learn that a tumultuous lesbian relationship that Chapman started with Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) shortly after college is the reason why her current cushy (and no longer lesbian) life was turned upside down. Vause was a part of an International Drug Cartel and, although Chapman played a miniscule role in the drug ring, her part was enough to score her a brief stay at the Litchfield Penitentiary. Chapman and fiance Bloom decide to stay together while she’s locked up, but throughout the 13 episodes of Season One, you’ll experience the ups and downs of her mistake and how it affects this and other relationships in her life.

Chapman and her incarcerated peers

Chapman and her incarcerated peers

Other added bonuses to OITNB are the subplots between the prison staff, her friends from home, and the other inmates she encounters–including her ex-girlfriend Alex Vause. Although there is enough humor in the show to balance out the fact that her experience is far from comedic, you will also feel a poignancy that you would never expect from a show about criminals. There is some nudity (the show carries an TV-MA rating), but the most you will see are breasts and a little toosh. I will warn you–there are some lesbian “love” scenes, but they have such a minor effect on the show that it shouldn’t bother you much. (Don’t worry–there aren’t any va-jay shots.)

OITNB is a MUST see. I finished the series in about three days and I cannot wait for Season Two to premiere. I haven’t seen a concrete date set for the debut but various sources confirm it will happen. The finale was absolutely INSANE and I have no idea what’s in store for my girl Piper Chapman.

Have you watched OITNB? What are your thoughts? Sound off here or at @20sTweet!


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Cure Your Wintertime Sadness with these Five Tunes

It’s cold. It’s dreary. My hands are cracking. I can’t not wear a coat. The sun goes down at like, 5 p.m. Everything is covered with salt and sand. Snow is either falling rapidly and messing up my plans, or in mounds all over the place mixed with mud, looking hideous. All I want to do is hibernate with my dog on the couch… **insert sad face emoji here**

Welcome to winter in New England.

We’re all struggling right now, especially since the “fun” part of wintertime has been over for almost a month now. These next couple of months have to be the worst in the existence of the universe, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a smile on your face–even if it’s covered by an over-sized infinity scarf and/or face mask.

Music plays a huge part in my happiness so I decided to compile a list of some tunes that have the ability to take my mood level from “PMS-ing psycho with a side of serial killer” to “Puppies frolicking through a sunshiney meadow.” The prescription to feel-good overload is simple. Download, listen, and repeat until your cheeks hurt from smiling (or the other ones hurt from dancing).

1. Lady Gaga- Do What U Want

2. Kid Ink featuring Chris Brown- Show Me

3. The Man- Aloe Blacc

4. Timber- Pitbull featuring KE$HA

And finally… if this song doesn’t put an instant smile on your face, your might want to consider relocating to a dark, sullen cave in the middle of the wilderness where you will have absolutely no interaction with anything ever again. (Kidding… kind of.)

5. Pharrell Williams- Happy

What five songs would you recommend? Let us know here or @20sTweet!!


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Great Reads: Three Books to Get You Through Winter

Hi everyone, I’m Lauren (The new girl). I’m thrilled to have joined the TwentyTweets community, and I’m looking forward to interacting with all of you! Now I don’t know about you, but the spring itch for me began this past month while I was home on break in Jersey. With winter refusing to let up, even a week-long vacation in Florida couldn’t soak up my cold-weather blues. However, if you check out the “About Me” section, you’ll find out that I LOVE reading. So what have I been doing for the past five weeks? Reading of course!

When looking for a new book, I usually spend at least an hour searching The New York Times Best Seller’s list and cross-referencing the books with reviews. After my meticulous searches, I usually end up with pretty fantastic books. Because of this, I’ve decided to make the search a little bit easier for you with brief reviews of three books I think are worth spending your winter with.

(Disclaimer: There are NO spoiler alerts bellow)

11/23/63 by Stephen King

Stephen King's gripping novel, 11/22/63.

Stephen King’s gripping novel, 11/22/63.

If you’ve been meaning to read a Stephen King novel, but are a scaredy-cat like me, this is the book for you. A longer novel, at 880 pages, Stephen King perfectly unravels this story, intertwining the lives of Jake, a high school English teacher, Al, a local restaurant owner, and Lee Harvey Oswald, President JFK’s assassin. A novel about time travel and the huge implications one event can have on the future, this mesmerizing story will keep you up reading all night. Unable to put this book down, I was grateful the phenomenal Amazon reviews, which gave the book 4.5/5 stars, convinced me to read this thought-provoking novel.

 Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

You'll fall in love with Beautiful Disaster!

You’ll fall in love with Beautiful Disaster!

An easy beach read, my friends and I have been a little obsessed with this book for the past few years. Tugging at your heartstrings in a way Fifty Shades is simply incapable of doing, this novel is perfect for young adults and college kids like myself. The book descriptions will seem very cheesy – detailing how shy bookworm, Abby Abernathy makes a deal with Travis Maddox, a fighter and known man-whore. If Abby wins, Travis must stay celibate for a month, but if Travis wins, Abby moves into his apartment for a month. I know, I know, worse than you thought. But please please please do not let this obvious set-up deter you from reading this fantastic book. Abby and Travis’ story will truly consume you in and leave you searching for your Travis. Readers on Amazon agreed, giving this novel 4.5/5 well-deserved stars. Another great thing about this book…there’s a follow-up! Be sure to check out “Walking Disaster!”

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

This unforgettable novel is a must-read.

This unforgettable novel is a must-read.

You will cry. Possibly a lot. Maybe on a plane, next to a stranger, as I did. But it will be worth it. This beautifully written, soulful novel is a story about life and death and what it takes to overcome the fear of both. Based on the lives of two cancer-stricken teenagers, author John Green, pens a lovely story chronicling the relationship between Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. These two witty, sarcastic, insightful teenagers will have you laughing and crying as you partake on this wonderful journey with them. Receiving a whopping 5 stars on Amazon, I would highly recommend this raw and inspiring novel to people of all ages.

I hope after reading these reviews you’re able to choose a book, curl up in front of a warm fire with steaming-hot coca and get lost in the story. After completing the novels, we’d love to hear your feedback! Let’s ride out this winter together!

Until next time.


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Winery Tastings: A Classier Way To Get Your Drink On

We’reee baaaack! Before I get into my post, I just wanted to first say how excited I am that TwentyTweets is up and running again! I’m looking forward to sharing more experiences, especially as I embrace my quarter-of-a-century crisis, 6 months premature… (I’m totally kidding serious) I’m also super stoked that a couple new editors/contributors are joining the TT team! A special thanks to Brittni for keeping the TwentyTweets blog alive—you rock!

Last weekend, I crossed something off my bucket list: I rode in a Hummer stretch limo! Since this is the year all of us best girlfriends from high school turn 25 (yikes!), we decided we need to do it big. On Saturday, we surprised our one girlfriend with a limo winery/vineyard tour in Maryland since she was the first of us to turn the big 2-5. It sounds totally amazing, right?! The only problem: I was sick and on antibiotics, so I couldn’t even drink! Talk about first world problems!

At 11am, 13 of us piled into this ridiculously awesome vehicle, full of alcohol and drunk munchies of course, and ventured to the first stop: Boordy Vineyards in Hydes, MD. Everyone but little old sick me did the $10 cheese and wine tasting, which came with a tour and complimentary wine glass. Besides it being frigid cold and windy, and me feeling like complete crap, it was pretty neat walking through the fields and inside the different buildings to hear the story of how wine is produced. After the 45 minute tour, it was time for the wine tasting. While I did sneak a couple pieces of cheese and crackers, I watched in complete envy as my friends tried tons of different wines. I totally need to come back when it’s a little bit warmer and my immune system isn’t failing me!


Our next stop was just down the road at Dejon Vineyards. Inside there were craft and jewelry vendors, live music, Cajun food and a $5 wine tasting with a complimentary glass. At that point, I was feeling a little better and decided to join in on the fun and do some wine tasting of my own! Of course, this winery only had 5 wines we could try (just my luck, right?!)

girlswineWe were ready to head to the third winery when we found out that our limo was stuck in the mud. Is this real life?! So after another 30 minutes of waiting, we found out that the limo’s transmission wasn’t working and that’s why we weren’t moving. After piling back into the limo to await the mechanic, everyone busted into the alcohol and wine they had bought earlier. So, as my friends got hammered and had the time of their lives, I sat there very sober, sick, and completely exhausted. It was entertaining watching my friends’ shenanigans, but I was definitely ready to go to bed at this point.

After another hour, we were on the road and then not even five minutes later, we broke down again right by a church (yes, an actual church!)  By the time the mechanic fixed the problem, we decided to just head back to my friend’s place since the vineyards/wineries were all closing in less than an hour. 😦

Although we were only able to make it to two out of the five vineyards we planned to visit, it was definitely a lot of fun! (And I’m sure even more fun if you can actually drink!)

If you’re a twenty-something like me looking for a classier way to get your drink on, then this is definitely up your alley! Just hopefully you don’t have the same bad luck like we did! 🙂


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Football: Get in the Game, Ladies!

If you haven’t noticed, it’s a huge time of year for football. Ever since August, teams have been trying their best to make it to the final few weekends of the post season. If you’re anything like me, you’re more into the pigs-in-a-blanket on Sundays than you are of the pigskin. Luckily, one of my best friends convinced me to join her in a Fantasy Football League to attempt to get a little more into the game every Sunday. It was one of my best decisions of 2013.

Like I mentioned, football has never really been my “thing.” As more of a hockey girl, the sometimes slow-paced game would lose my interest after a while. I’ve always known the bare minimum thanks to the other 3/4 of my family being fanatics for the sport, but I wouldn’t cry if I missed something in a “big” game. When my best friend Pam asked me to join the National Princess League, I have to admit, I was hesitant as first. But since it was our first year, we decided to play for free so we could all get a hang of how Fantasy Football worked. After it was all said and done, I learned A LOT about football. Every week I would try to catch the games that my players were in and I would actually feel emotional if I lost–crazy, right? In the end, I still can’t say that I’m a football aficionado, but I do have to give myself some props–I won the Championship!

The National Princess League draft 2013

The National Princess League draft 2013

But ladies, here’s my point–give yourself something to look forward to when your father, brother, or boyfriend insists upon watching football every weekend. You’ll have a chance to impress them with stats, learn how to drop/pick up players, and have some friendly competition with some of your close friends. At the beginning of the season, you’ll have a draft with the other competitors in your league. My brother gave me a crash course in Fantasy drafting before I went to mine. Here is the order of positions he gave me (if someone gave you better tips, definitely let me know!):

  • Best available Quarterback or Running back
  • Whichever position you didn’t choose above
  • Wide receiver or Running back
  • Wide receiver or Running back
  • Tight End
  • Team Defense
  • Back ups of all positions (bench players)
  • Kickers

Make sure that when you choose multiple players of the same position, you make sure their bye weeks are at different times. Also, throughout the season you may have to pick up or drop players due to injury or other reasons, so have fun reading up on stats using whichever Fantasy Football program your league decides upon (we used…and they have an app!)

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 1.00.43 PM

My squad!

At the end of the day, it’s all in good fun–but feel free to bask in the glory of a superb week. In the playoffs, I beat one of my friends 187-75 (sorry, Jess)! Also, get creative with your team name. The best are a play on a player or players’ names. Here are some from my league:

  • Caught Red Hernandez (that was mine!)
  • Sacks in the City
  • AMEN to Amendola
  • Over D-Wayne Bowe
  • Gronk-donka-donks

It may seem overwhelming–but I PROMISE it will be fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Did you play Fantasy Football this season? How did your team do? Or are you considering it for next season?  Let us know here or @20sTweet!!


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NFC/AFC Championship Games: The New American Holiday

Before I write my post for today, I wanted to say that I am excited that Twenty-Tweets will be up-and-running again. Thanks to Britt, and our new bloggers, I am excited to reach out to all of our readers again. We hope to hear feedback from you all, and will continue to address the new trends, and stories that we find for our readers!

Tomorrow will officially fall just short of becoming a national holiday, but American football fans everywhere will make it feel like its Christmas. The AFC and NFC Championships games will take place between the New England Patriots, and the Denver Broncos, and the San Francisco 49ers against the Seattle Seahawks.

For some football fan’s, these games will most likely boil down to a battle of the quarterbacks. Tom Brady, who now has two NFL most valuable player awards, competes against Peyton Manning, the Bronco’s quarterback who holds the leagues record for the most MVP awards, at four. Brady and Manning will be fighting to define not only how elite their teams are, but how elite their throwing arms are. This match-up goes beyond getting into the Superbowl. While Wes Welker, a former Patriots wide receiver goes out for passes from Manning, Brady will be looking to work with his reliable receivers Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and his running backs who have made a name for themselves LeGarette Blount, and Stevan Ridley.

The 49ers and Seahawks are in for a showdown as well. With two young quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick for the 49ers, and Russell Wilson for the Hawks, these teams will be looking to advance into the final show. What is the most important part of these games? For sports fans it is meeting up with their friends and families to celebrate, what has become tradition in America. We should be taking the day off to forget about the chores waiting for us, or the work that we finished during the week.

Menus should consist of Buffalo wings, potato skins, cheeseburgers, and your choice of dessert. For the lighter eater’s think celery sticks with peanut butter, grilled chicken, and possibly hummus. There is options for everyone, but professional football has become one of the greatest forms of American entertainment, and rather than spending the Sunday cleaning up the house, or moving through chores, this is the day to take a break, gather with some friends, and support the team of your choice.

Houses and bars will be rocking all day long, as those football fans you know take their sport to seriously will be chanting out their teams name, and either arguing or supporting the calls made by the referee. I personally want to use this post to say that everyone should enjoy these games, be safe, and surround yourself with the people that will make you laugh, and forget about the upcoming work-week. Give back to yourselves, take the time to enjoy the sport that has all of America ranting and raving. This is your time, and for all of the New England Folk (Go Patriots)!

The Patriots face off the Broncos at 3:00 at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado. The 49ers-Seahawks game will be played at 6:30 at CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington. Be sure to tune in!



patriots fanzonebronc fans

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After a little hiatus…


I’m back! And yes, that’s singular–sort of. Things for the TwentyTweets staff got a little crazy for a while. Between boyfriends, jobs, friends, family… Oh and spare time… We needed a little breather.

After a few months, there have been some minor changes but the main heart and soul of TwentyTweets will always remain the same. Although it will always have a spot in their hearts, Erika and Jenna have decided to let their blogging days go. Don’t worry, we are still the “tripod” we used to and we’re actually better friends than EVER! Who knows, maybe they’ll be back to guest blog someday (hi guys!).

I will be taking over as Editor-in-chief but will have support of some old and new contributors to help revive the blog. Billy and Roxanne will be sticking around to add their amazing insight and Lauren Kordalski–our newest addition–will also be along for the ride.

In the meantime, I want YOUR feedback. What did you like about TT? What would you change? Leave comments or message us on Facebook or Twitter @20sTweet.

Talk to you soon!!


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TT Cheers to Summer Series: Outdoor Dining & Drinking

Summer officially starts this Friday–finally! It seems as though the winter was one of the most brutal ones to date. Even the first couple weeks of June were unbearable, with rain almost every week. Luckily, at least for those of us who live in the Northeast, this week looks like it’s finally about to feel like summer. The TwentyTweets gang decided to put our thinking caps on to come up with a collaboration in honor of our favorite season. Each post will be dedicated to a summery place/thing/activity/or anything else in between. First up–our Favorite Outdoor Restaurants and Bars. Enjoy!


Erika, who’s originally a Pennsylvania girl, currently resides right outside Boston, MA. She shares her picks from both locations:

  • Bogey Macaws, 601 Chestnut Hill Road, York, PA
    Interesting name for an even more interesting place! A macaw is a type of tropical bird, and you better believe they have the exotic decor to match! With live music on Friday and Saturday nights and an outdoor patio bar, this place is always busy, but fun. The patio bar, appropriately called “The Roost,” was designed as an adult “hideaway” of sorts, right next to the family fun (complete with an arcade) restaurant. It mirrors the fun-loving type of place you might find “down the shore” at Maryland and Delaware beaches. Here in South Central PA, it’s a nice little “getaway.” My favorite part is the repurposed decor – bar stools made out of kicked kegs, old surf boards as wall-displayed menus, and more.
  • Jerry Remy’s Seaport, 250 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 
    Whether you’re a Boston sports fan or not, Jerry Remy’s sports bars are always a great time. My favorite location is the one in Seaport because of the beautiful view complete with patio seating right on Boston Harbor. People can visit “by land or by sea” because Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 8.44.34 PMthey have public boat slips to tie up to while you eat dinner – how fun is that? With a “made from scratch” menu and tons of drinks (both expensive and cheap), there’s a little something for everyone. A huge attraction of this location, of course, is the “Monster Wall” – a 32 foot HD videowall – and tons of other TV’s surrounding the bar area. It can get a little rowdy on game days, but what else would you expect at Jerry Remy’s?
  • Bar Louie, 232 Patriot Pl, Foxboro, MA
    Although there are quite a few Bar Louie’s around Massachusetts, the one in Patriots Place is my absolute favorite – especially in the summertime! The rooftop bar is a lot of fun, but get there early because the line starts around 9 pm on Saturday nights! During the week, they also have half-priced apps after work, and plenty of mixed drinks and beers on tap. Patriots Place is a fun place to walk around, regardless of where you eat. But if you’re stopping by, I recommend Bar Louie!

Katy, who’s also from PA, shares her choices from her hometown:

  • Crimson American Grill, 1839 South Queen Street, York, PA
    This is one of my favorite places to go. It’s very relaxed and a fun setting! There is a restaurant side for families and then a completely separate side that includes a bar as well as an outdoor patio with an additional bar. It’s enclosed by a fence and they have Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 7.54.15 PMumbrellas and vines and plants covering the fence etc. In the evening there are strings of lights on the ceiling and it creates a great ambiance.  If you ever visit here, be sure to grab a bite to eat! They have A-MA-ZING bruschetta and my absolute favorite salmon salad ever.And another a short distance away in Maryland...
  • Hightopps Backstage Grille, 2306 York Rd, Lutherville-Timonium, MD
    This bar is A LOT of fun! It’s got a huge outdoor area on a deck that has two bars, part of it is covered, but it’s got a tiki hut theme and they have couches and chairs all outside around tables. Under the covered part, they have another bar, tables, lounge chairs, a fireplace, and sometimes live music. If you walk inside there are two levels, the bottom half they have a Dj/live band and a huge dance floor, on the top they have another bar with tons of space to sit and chat with your friends. They always have specials on food and drinks and certain nights of the week they have trivia and karaoke. All in all it’s a fantastic night out with friends. I’ve never been disappointed! 🙂

Roxanne loves Hightopps, too, adding…

  • Since I’m a Baltimore girl at heart, it’s no surprise that my favorite bar/restaurant is in Maryland (15 minutes north of the city). Whether I’m going to watch the Ravens or Orioles, get rowdy with my girls on the dance floor, or to enjoy a few brews on the outside deck, Hightopps is the place to be year-round. I also love their food—my Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 8.23.42 PMfavorites: crab pretzel, Old Bay wings and Sante Fe fries. You can’t go to the Baltimore area and not have crab/Old Bay seasoning! The absolute best part about Hightopps is sitting on their outside deck during the summer while enjoying a Natty Boh or Blue Moon.  It has several bars, dining areas, a dance floor, and the outside deck. It’s definitely one of the best bars to hit up if you’re ever in the South Central PA/Baltimore area!

Ready to head a couple hours North? Meet up with Stacia at her favorite spot!

  • Centre Street Pub, 308 Union St., Schenectady, NY
    On the corner of Union Street and North Broadway downtown sits a bar with a deck and HUGE patio where you and your friends can listen to music, drink, and most importantly have a good time. Their wide selection of drafts inside the bar includes one of my favorite hard ciders, Angry Orchard! Yum! Did I mention that outside they have corn hole tournaments every night?
  • Katie O’Byrne’s, 121 Wall Street, Schenectady, NY
    This Irish restaurant bar and grill has a small patio outside, but is a good scene if you’re looking to relax and have some good food and drinks while doing so. Every summer, Katie’s has a block party where the parking lot is closed off and a live band is entertaining the public. Its location is perfect–it’s walking distance to other fun bars including Clinton’s Ditch, Bombers, and 20 North!

For the last stop in the trip, Jenna, Brittni and Billy will show you their favorite spots in Rhode Island. Meet Jenna at…

  • Mediterraneo, 134 Atwells Ave, Providence RI
     This is my favorite restaurant and in the summer it’s even more fun because there’s plenty of outdoor seating. If you can’t find a table outside though, they also take all the doors off so the whole front and side of the restaurant so it still has that outdoorsy feel. This Italian restaurant has everything from steaks to seafood and of course lots of pasta. The drinks are great too! I recommend trying a Bellini or an Italian Stallion, Mediterraneo’s version of a scorpion bowl. They also always offer my favorite, a three course prix-fixe menu for lunch and dinner. And don’t forget the complimentary shot of house made Lemoncello after your meal!

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 9.11.08 PMBrittni also agrees, but urges that you check out the other locations on Atwells Ave–otherwise known as “Federal Hill,” the Italian epicenter of RI…

  • She’s been known to have a couple drinks outside at Venda Bar, 265 Atwells Ave, located on DePasquale Square (above). You’ll feel like an old-time gangster amongst the Tony Soprano-look-alikes and the romantic sounds of the Frank Sinatra impersonators. Light up a cigar–or pretend to–and enjoy a warm summer evening on The Hill.

Mobsters and pasta not your thing? Head over to…

  • Chelo’s on the Waterfront, 1 Masthead Dr., Warwick, RI
    This is your classic family-style restaurant, coming from a well-known chain in Lil’ Rhody. Whether you sit indoors or out, Chelo’s will not disappoint. It’s located right next to an upscale yacht club, so once you’re done eating, take a stroll down the docks to admire the gorgeous boats. On the weekends, enjoy food and drink in the outdoor dining area while a live band plays on stage.

Or one of Billy’s favorites by the beach…

  • Trio, 15 Kingstown Rd  Narragansett, RI
    Although Iggy’s Clamcakes and Doughboys is a favorite of mine for summertime, I can’t pass on the opportunity to recommend Trio Restaurant of Narragansett. Prices in the summer tend to soar, but the fine cuisine and scenery does not falter. Right along the Narragansett Town Beach, this spot is great for a scenic night in the center of town. Take a few of your friends, and indulge in some drinks and entrees at this well-known establishment. My personal favorite dish is Trio’s Cappelini & Gulf Shrimp. The dish comes with a large portion of cappelini pasta and several jumbo shrimps in a white wine sauce accompanied by sundried tomatoes (which are my favorite), mushrooms and garlic. This is the perfect place to go for any special occasion – the large wine selection pairs perfectly with many of their delicious pasta, seafood and steak specialties. 

As you can tell, we LOVE anything that has to do with eating, drinking, and basking in the warm weather. Whether you live in our necks of the woods, or else where, share YOUR go-to spots below, or @20sTweet!


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I’m a Fan of Music, Not Rain

I totally stole this phrase off some girl’s poncho; I love it. Memorial Day weekend my sister and I attended a two-day, outdoor music festival in Boston. We bought the tickets back in April and our only hope was that we would have nice weather. Well, as the weekend approached we soon learned that the weather gods hadn’t answer our prayers. The forecast was predicting rain, wind, and colder than average temperatures.

If you’ve ever met me you’ll know that I’m not the girl who enjoys getting messy or dirty, and I absolutely hate being cold. However, I knew that despite the forecast we paid for the tickets, and we were definitely still going; there was no time for me to act like a princess (I mean, not that I ever would of course…). I was going to make the most of it…

This is exactly what you DON'T want to see.

This is exactly what you DON’T want to see.

…And make the most of it we did. Despite the cold temps and the soaking rain, it was a really fun experience and made for some great memories! Leaving the concert to buy extra clothes to keep warm, quick “dance sessions” (even while no music was playing) with my sister, huddling with other friends to help keep each other warm…I’m so glad we still went!

Summer brings a lot of concert (especially outdoors) and it’s so not worth letting the weather ruin your time. When you bought the tickets (most likely weeks in advance) you probably knew there’d be a chance of rain, so just make the most of it!

Desperately trying (unsuccessfully) to stay dry and warm.

(Unsuccessfully) Trying to stay dry and warm.

Don’t forget the raincoat (with a hood!) and rain boots! A lot of concert venues don’t allow umbrellas because it blocks the view of the person behind you, so make sure your raincoat will keep you dry–no matter how long you’ll be in the rain for.

Just have fun! It’s only a few hours of getting soaked and if you’re jamming out to some of your favorite artists, does it even really matter?


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