TwentyTweets Guide to the Best & Worst Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

Hello my favorite twenty-somethings 🙂 In my “Puppy Love” post last week, I mentioned that the TwentyTweets staff would be sharing our favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials this week. Due to Mother Nature interjecting her unpredictable personality and hitting the East Coast with an abundance of snow and ice, we’ve been a little out of touch. But don’t you worry, we’re safe and ready to dish the commercials we loved and the ones we hated!


The anticipation was high on Super Sunday, not just for the match up between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, but the commercials (and maybe the Puppy Bowl 🙂 ).

According to Adage, a 30-second advertising spot during the Super Bowl costs an average of $4 million dollars. With the absurd costs for 30 seconds of fame (and some companies had even longer spots), it’s no wonder these companies are under such high pressure to deliver the winning commercial. Whether it be the funniest, the cutest or most original—everyone has the same final goal with their advertisements: to make people remember  them and to ultimately hopefully increase sales.

Here’s what the staff of TwentyTweets thought was hot and what was not in this year’s round of Super Bowl commercials:


Super Bowl commercials seem to one-up each other year after year, until this year! Having upheld this trend for the last few years, I was surprised to find myself disappointed with the commercials as a whole. However, with that said, there were certainly a few diamonds in the rough. Some of my favorites included: McDonald’s bad lip reading commercial, GoldieBlox’s empowering sing-a-long, and Budweiser’s touching veteran homecoming.

My absolute favorite had to be the beautifully done Coca-Cola commercial, which celebrated the vast diversity in our country. For a sap like me, this rendition of “America the Beautiful” featured in multiple different languages brought tears to my eyes. Cheers to Coke for concocting such a powerful commercial, may all the naysayers remember Americans speak a multitude of different dialects – we should celebrate, not shun that!

My least favorite commercial style was in full-effect for this Super Bowl, unfortunately. Keeping the audience guessing up until the very end, only to flash a single shot of the product being sold just doesn’t make sense to me! This is especially frustrating when even after the product has been revealed, there is no clear correlation between the item and the ad. I’m talking to you, Maserati! Give it to me straight, don’t keep me guessing!

I have to agree with Lauren and say that I was a bit disappointed with the commercials this year. During the second quarter of the game I even remember turning to my aunt and saying, “I forgot I’m suppose to be watching for the best commercials” because nothing was standing out. But I did have a few favorites that shined through:

I have to give it up to Doritos .. They really do have some hilarious commercials every year. The kid tricking the adult into giving him his Doritos while he placed him in a homemade “time machine” was so perfect. And the cute dog was an added bonus.

Also….Not to be a cliche girl or anything but my mouth hit the floor when the H&M commercial featuring David Beckham, so I obviously have to feature that as one of my favorites!

My least favorite obviously has to go out to Axe. Honestly.. What guy even wears Axe anymore? I believe the commercial was debuting their new “Peace” scent. I think Axe in general just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. But this commercial added something extra.

Audi’s “Doberhuahua” commercial was hysterical to me. The main premise behind it was to show that the new Audi doesn’t compromise. Although I kind of don’t get the connection between this dog with a huge head and little body and a sports car, I’m a sucker for dogs of any kind. It also helps the Sarah McLachlan parodied herself in the ad–I died!

Bud Light totally dropped the ball when it came to advertisements last night. When I saw the first half of it’s series about the guy who allegedly didn’t know he was in a Bud Light commercial, I had high hopes. When the second installment played, though, I was kind of annoyed and thought it was honestly really dumb. With all the resources in the world basically–A.K.A. $$$$$–they could have done way better than a ping pong match and an appearance from One Republic (no offense). Luckily enough for Bud light, it doesn’t matter what their commercials were like at the end of the day– I still had a bottle in my hand all night! (And I guess you could say I was a little jealous it wasn’t ME in the commercial..)

I have to agree with Taylor on my favorite being the Dorito’s “Time Machine” commercial. It isn’t very common to find commercials that actually make you stop and laugh anymore, but this did just that. Between the cardboard time machine constructed by a child, the confusion of an ignorant adult neighbor who gives up his bag of Dorito’s to experience the ultimate time machine, and the man who ends up eating his neighbor’s bag of Dorito’s, all while inside this card board contraption and while being shook around by the same child that made the machine, was just a brilliant combination! The company always comes out with some great commercials, but this years definitely provided a laugh, and a desperate desire to run out to the nearest store and grab a bag of delicious chips.

Since I am the sole guy-contributor on TwentyTweets, I am going to have to say that H & M’s commercial starring yours truly, David Beckham, was the WORST commercial of the Super Bowl (sorry Taylor!) I mean, who wants to see a star football, I mean soccer player, running around in his underwear, and having the camera make it seem like nothing is on at one point. Okay girls, I get it… It just didn’t work for me. Maybe next time H & M.

Since I already gushed about my love for Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl commercial in my post last week, I guess I should highlight some of the other commercials that caught my eye during that snooze-fest of a football game (and ones we haven’t already mentioned). Let me first start with Cheerios, a brand that has always had some of the cutest commercials in my opinion. Their Super Bowl commercial “Gracie” was definitely no exception and had me giggling and saying “awe” at the end. And seriously, that mom was pissssed!

Of course, I wouldn’t be a 90s girl without mentioning the moment we’ve all been waiting for: a FULL HOUSE REUNION! I’m not ashamed to admit that John Stamos (A.K.A. Uncle Jesse) still makes me go “Have Mercy!” and having Uncle Jesse PLUS Danny (Bob Saget) and Joey (Dave Coulier) in one commercial was just freaking amazing! And I wouldn’t be a twenty-something if I didn’t mention the hard to ignore sexual context. My props to you, Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt.


And here are some other honorable mentions:

Radio Shack – “The Phone Call” #InWithTheNew

Microsoft – “Empowering”

T-Mobile – #NoContract  (At least Tim Tebow finally made it to the Super Bowl 😉 )


While the commercials overall were about as underwhelming as the game itself (unless you were a Seattle Seahawks fan of course), at least you got to enjoy some yummy game-day munchies and booze, right?!

The TwentyTweets staff would love to hear your own Super Bowl commercial picks, either share them below or at @20sTweet!

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