Studying Abroad: The In’s and Out’s of Traveling The World As A College Student

Studying abroad has always been a popular attraction for college students across the nation. With the rise in tuition, however, it has become more difficult to find opportunities to study abroad. Does that stop ambitious college students? Absolutely not.

With Study Abroad programs at the majority of American schools, there are usually within 10 to 40 different programs, that will allow students to study abroad, for various amounts of times, and in various places in one trip.

Since I haven’t personally had the chance to study abroad, I had to dig deeper and find some twenty-something’s that have!

Rachel Smith, an undergraduate at Bryant University had been dreaming of going to Australia since she was in the fifth grade. That opportunity came her way when she heard about Bryant’s study abroad program that would allow her to travel toAustralia for five months. Rachel couldn’t wait to get there, but she admits that she was “extremely nervous. Being away from my family and friends for 5 months scared me the most.”

Aside from the four classes that Rachel was taking in the Down Under, she said that the most memorable experience while she was abroad was “Probably snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef at 9pm with flashlight and glow sticks. I hate water, I hate the ocean, and I’m terrible at swimming. I guess I learned not to let fear get in the way of having potentially an amazing experience.”

The fun doesn’t stop there, there’s more. Bryce Holden, a undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island, has not studied abroad yet, but intends to study abroad for an entire year in Germany! Bryce recently took a tour of Germany with fellow students for 12 days to experience the culture that he would be soaking in for an entire year.

“We stayed in Berlin, Hamburg, Braunschweig and Cologne. We mainly visited companies we could potentially intern at as well as visited the city and campus of the school I would be studying at next year for 6 months, Technische Universität Braunschweig. Then I will have an internship at a German company of my choice for another 6. I have also been to Spain and Italy,” he said.

While Bryce has not studied abroad yet, he has been abroad to both Italy, and Spain prior to his recent trip to Germany. He recalls his first experience in Europe, “I don’t think anything ever compares to that first night you spend in a foreign country or city. Your senses overload in the best way possible. You just want to take it all in and explore; speak with native people; enjoy the food and drink. It’s really hard to put into words.”

The last undergraduate that we spoke to is currently abroad in London. Katie Simoneau is a student at Roger Williams University, and is currently studying for a semester at the WestminsterBusiness school in Central London. While Kate had a similar interest at first in studying in Germany like Bryce, she said that, “I’ve always wanted to travel, and I knew I could fit a ton of different places in if I went to Europe. Originally I wanted to go to Germany, but my school didn’t offer a spring semester abroad there and I decided my German was not good enough yet. London seemed like a good choice.”

So London it is. Katie is taking four classes, which include:  “the business of sport, online entertainment management, making management decisions, and an art class that brings us to cool exhibits, museums, and galleries around London.”

Katie tells us an interesting fact about the London education system, a 75 is an A+, whereas a 95 or above would be an A+ at the majority of American academies. Studying abroad will take students all around the globe, and can provide them with endless experiences of culture and different modes of study. Unfortunately it is not cheap, most abroad programs cost a pretty penny, but for twenty-something’s who can work hard, and save up some extra cash, it might be worth the extra buck. Think about it, if we didn’t spend so much money on Dunkin Donut’s every day, who knows, you might find yourself saving enough money to pay for a great trip. We encourage studying abroad, and we wish all of our readers good luck in their future travels!


Rachel pic from study abroadstudy abroad

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