Cure Your Wintertime Sadness with these Five Tunes

It’s cold. It’s dreary. My hands are cracking. I can’t not wear a coat. The sun goes down at like, 5 p.m. Everything is covered with salt and sand. Snow is either falling rapidly and messing up my plans, or in mounds all over the place mixed with mud, looking hideous. All I want to do is hibernate with my dog on the couch… **insert sad face emoji here**

Welcome to winter in New England.

We’re all struggling right now, especially since the “fun” part of wintertime has been over for almost a month now. These next couple of months have to be the worst in the existence of the universe, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a smile on your face–even if it’s covered by an over-sized infinity scarf and/or face mask.

Music plays a huge part in my happiness so I decided to compile a list of some tunes that have the ability to take my mood level from “PMS-ing psycho with a side of serial killer” to “Puppies frolicking through a sunshiney meadow.” The prescription to feel-good overload is simple. Download, listen, and repeat until your cheeks hurt from smiling (or the other ones hurt from dancing).

1. Lady Gaga- Do What U Want

2. Kid Ink featuring Chris Brown- Show Me

3. The Man- Aloe Blacc

4. Timber- Pitbull featuring KE$HA

And finally… if this song doesn’t put an instant smile on your face, your might want to consider relocating to a dark, sullen cave in the middle of the wilderness where you will have absolutely no interaction with anything ever again. (Kidding… kind of.)

5. Pharrell Williams- Happy

What five songs would you recommend? Let us know here or @20sTweet!!


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