Winery Tastings: A Classier Way To Get Your Drink On

We’reee baaaack! Before I get into my post, I just wanted to first say how excited I am that TwentyTweets is up and running again! I’m looking forward to sharing more experiences, especially as I embrace my quarter-of-a-century crisis, 6 months premature… (I’m totally kidding serious) I’m also super stoked that a couple new editors/contributors are joining the TT team! A special thanks to Brittni for keeping the TwentyTweets blog alive—you rock!

Last weekend, I crossed something off my bucket list: I rode in a Hummer stretch limo! Since this is the year all of us best girlfriends from high school turn 25 (yikes!), we decided we need to do it big. On Saturday, we surprised our one girlfriend with a limo winery/vineyard tour in Maryland since she was the first of us to turn the big 2-5. It sounds totally amazing, right?! The only problem: I was sick and on antibiotics, so I couldn’t even drink! Talk about first world problems!

At 11am, 13 of us piled into this ridiculously awesome vehicle, full of alcohol and drunk munchies of course, and ventured to the first stop: Boordy Vineyards in Hydes, MD. Everyone but little old sick me did the $10 cheese and wine tasting, which came with a tour and complimentary wine glass. Besides it being frigid cold and windy, and me feeling like complete crap, it was pretty neat walking through the fields and inside the different buildings to hear the story of how wine is produced. After the 45 minute tour, it was time for the wine tasting. While I did sneak a couple pieces of cheese and crackers, I watched in complete envy as my friends tried tons of different wines. I totally need to come back when it’s a little bit warmer and my immune system isn’t failing me!


Our next stop was just down the road at Dejon Vineyards. Inside there were craft and jewelry vendors, live music, Cajun food and a $5 wine tasting with a complimentary glass. At that point, I was feeling a little better and decided to join in on the fun and do some wine tasting of my own! Of course, this winery only had 5 wines we could try (just my luck, right?!)

girlswineWe were ready to head to the third winery when we found out that our limo was stuck in the mud. Is this real life?! So after another 30 minutes of waiting, we found out that the limo’s transmission wasn’t working and that’s why we weren’t moving. After piling back into the limo to await the mechanic, everyone busted into the alcohol and wine they had bought earlier. So, as my friends got hammered and had the time of their lives, I sat there very sober, sick, and completely exhausted. It was entertaining watching my friends’ shenanigans, but I was definitely ready to go to bed at this point.

After another hour, we were on the road and then not even five minutes later, we broke down again right by a church (yes, an actual church!)  By the time the mechanic fixed the problem, we decided to just head back to my friend’s place since the vineyards/wineries were all closing in less than an hour. 😦

Although we were only able to make it to two out of the five vineyards we planned to visit, it was definitely a lot of fun! (And I’m sure even more fun if you can actually drink!)

If you’re a twenty-something like me looking for a classier way to get your drink on, then this is definitely up your alley! Just hopefully you don’t have the same bad luck like we did! 🙂


About RoxanneMichelle21

I'm a 24 year-old twenty-something still trying to find my place in the world. In February 2012, I began my career as a Communications/Digital Media Coordinator at NFRA. I write for the blog TwentyTweets and am obsessed with zebra print, the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles and the Philadelphia 76ers. I'm a Baltimore girl at heart, but live just over the MD border in Glen Rock, PA. I live an hour away from my job, an hour and a half from my boyfriend and am still living at home with 3 awesome adults (a.k.a. my mom and two older brothers). I graduated in May 2011 from Shippensburg University, with my BA in Communication/Journalism, and an emphasis in Public Relations. You can find me driving around in my Scion tC or on Facebook or Twitter.
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