NFC/AFC Championship Games: The New American Holiday

Before I write my post for today, I wanted to say that I am excited that Twenty-Tweets will be up-and-running again. Thanks to Britt, and our new bloggers, I am excited to reach out to all of our readers again. We hope to hear feedback from you all, and will continue to address the new trends, and stories that we find for our readers!

Tomorrow will officially fall just short of becoming a national holiday, but American football fans everywhere will make it feel like its Christmas. The AFC and NFC Championships games will take place between the New England Patriots, and the Denver Broncos, and the San Francisco 49ers against the Seattle Seahawks.

For some football fan’s, these games will most likely boil down to a battle of the quarterbacks. Tom Brady, who now has two NFL most valuable player awards, competes against Peyton Manning, the Bronco’s quarterback who holds the leagues record for the most MVP awards, at four. Brady and Manning will be fighting to define not only how elite their teams are, but how elite their throwing arms are. This match-up goes beyond getting into the Superbowl. While Wes Welker, a former Patriots wide receiver goes out for passes from Manning, Brady will be looking to work with his reliable receivers Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and his running backs who have made a name for themselves LeGarette Blount, and Stevan Ridley.

The 49ers and Seahawks are in for a showdown as well. With two young quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick for the 49ers, and Russell Wilson for the Hawks, these teams will be looking to advance into the final show. What is the most important part of these games? For sports fans it is meeting up with their friends and families to celebrate, what has become tradition in America. We should be taking the day off to forget about the chores waiting for us, or the work that we finished during the week.

Menus should consist of Buffalo wings, potato skins, cheeseburgers, and your choice of dessert. For the lighter eater’s think celery sticks with peanut butter, grilled chicken, and possibly hummus. There is options for everyone, but professional football has become one of the greatest forms of American entertainment, and rather than spending the Sunday cleaning up the house, or moving through chores, this is the day to take a break, gather with some friends, and support the team of your choice.

Houses and bars will be rocking all day long, as those football fans you know take their sport to seriously will be chanting out their teams name, and either arguing or supporting the calls made by the referee. I personally want to use this post to say that everyone should enjoy these games, be safe, and surround yourself with the people that will make you laugh, and forget about the upcoming work-week. Give back to yourselves, take the time to enjoy the sport that has all of America ranting and raving. This is your time, and for all of the New England Folk (Go Patriots)!

The Patriots face off the Broncos at 3:00 at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado. The 49ers-Seahawks game will be played at 6:30 at CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington. Be sure to tune in!



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