I’m a Fan of Music, Not Rain

I totally stole this phrase off some girl’s poncho; I love it. Memorial Day weekend my sister and I attended a two-day, outdoor music festival in Boston. We bought the tickets back in April and our only hope was that we would have nice weather. Well, as the weekend approached we soon learned that the weather gods hadn’t answer our prayers. The forecast was predicting rain, wind, and colder than average temperatures.

If you’ve ever met me you’ll know that I’m not the girl who enjoys getting messy or dirty, and I absolutely hate being cold. However, I knew that despite the forecast we paid for the tickets, and we were definitely still going; there was no time for me to act like a princess (I mean, not that I ever would of course…). I was going to make the most of it…

This is exactly what you DON'T want to see.

This is exactly what you DON’T want to see.

…And make the most of it we did. Despite the cold temps and the soaking rain, it was a really fun experience and made for some great memories! Leaving the concert to buy extra clothes to keep warm, quick “dance sessions” (even while no music was playing) with my sister, huddling with other friends to help keep each other warm…I’m so glad we still went!

Summer brings a lot of concert (especially outdoors) and it’s so not worth letting the weather ruin your time. When you bought the tickets (most likely weeks in advance) you probably knew there’d be a chance of rain, so just make the most of it!

Desperately trying (unsuccessfully) to stay dry and warm.

(Unsuccessfully) Trying to stay dry and warm.

Don’t forget the raincoat (with a hood!) and rain boots! A lot of concert venues don’t allow umbrellas because it blocks the view of the person behind you, so make sure your raincoat will keep you dry–no matter how long you’ll be in the rain for.

Just have fun! It’s only a few hours of getting soaked and if you’re jamming out to some of your favorite artists, does it even really matter?


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