One is Silver and the Other is Gold

Major points for you if you realized that title is from a popular Girl Scout song. Anyways, this post isn’t about making new friends–it’s about jewelry! Specifically, when to wear silver jewelry versus when to wear gold.

I know some girls that will exclusively wear silver or gold; then there are the other girls (like myself) that are happy to combine the two–it’s just a matter of preference. Of course, there is no “right way” to wear silver or gold, but if you’re looking to play it safe consider this guideline when accessorizing:
Wear gold jewelry with earthy colors (burnt orage, brown, olive, etc)
Wear silver jewelry with bright colors
Lauren Ralph Lauren Two Tone Bracelet $44

Lauren Ralph Lauren Two Tone Bracelet $44

Who’s to say though, that you can’t mix gold and silver? For the past couple of years this has been a trend that I’ve fully embraced. Personally, I love the way gold and silver bracelets together. It’s not hard to find pieces with mixed metals either–a quick look around any jewlery department and you’ll find many great silver and gold accessories.

Who cares what the old fashion “rules” used to be? Mixing metals is chic.
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