#URIQuad13 Debate…


URI Commencement 2011

Most of us at TwentyTweets are either graduates or current students at the University of Rhode Island located in Kingston, RI. It has always been a tradition to celebrate Commencement on the quad at the center of campus– the place where students congregate at the start of their college career during orientation, bustle through during every semester, enjoy fun memories during down time, and where they look forward to concluding their four years there.

Today it was announced that commencement would be moved from this historic location to an indoor venue on campus for safety reasons. About a month ago, the campus went into lock down when an alleged gun threat occurred in one of the lecture halls. This threat, luckily, ended peacefully and no one was harmed. During that same month, the tragic events of the Boston Marathon bombings took place.

Social media has erupted with upset students and parents– all who want to participate in the usual Commencement walk onto the URI Quad. The biggest issue seen through many tweets and Facebook posts is the limited seating available at the new location. Students are limited to two guests during the main Commencement exercises, but are allowed more during their individual college ceremonies (which are held in other places around campus).

What do you think? Did URI officials make the correct choice? Take our poll below!

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 6.12.27 PM

TwentyTweets founders at graduation 2011


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