I’ll Have a Dirty Mashed Potato, Please

Let me set the scene for you a little bit: It was around lunch time yesterday when I decided to check my personal email. I wasn’t expecting anything of great interest when I saw it, a message with the subject “Congratulations and Invitation.” What, and invitation for me? My interest was immediately peaked. It’s not every day that this boring twenty-something gets invited to a cocktail reception in the city (in fact, it’s not unusual for my only emails to be from Gap and Nordstrom).

I read the invitation and saw that this light reception included appetizers (oh good, I’m going to be hungry), beer and wine (free wine? I’ll take it), and then I saw it:
A Mashed Potato Martini Bar
I’m sorry, a what?! Is this a new kind of martini, or is this what I think it is, mashed potatoes in a martini glass? Well, it is what I thought it was. Let me say it again so it’ll really sink in: Mashed potatoes. In a martini glass. Oh-em-gee. Could this be any more fun? I hurried up and Googled it and apparently it’s the up-and-coming thing to have at parties and weddings.
Well these are fancy...

Well these are fancy…

It’s easy enough to create–a whole lot of mashed potatoes, martini glasses, and some assorted toppings (such as bacon, cheddar cheese, scallions, or sour cream) and you’re good to go. You provide the potatoes and the fixings, and your guests do the rest! Seriously, how easy is this to do at your own party? For a twenty-something on a budget this idea is easy, affordable, and memorable!

Unfortunately, I not going to be able to go to this event after all (trust me, I’m incredibly disappointed to be missing the mashed potatoes). I will say this though, my friends shouldn’t be surprised if they come to a party I’m hosting and mashed potato martinis are on the menu.
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