Put Some Spring in Your Step

A few weeks ago I told you about my favorite spring fashion trends and with the weather finally warming up, I’m really ready for it to be spring (officially). I’m ready to kick off these ballet flats and boots (definitely the boots) and put on more warm-weather appropriate footwear. However, I still don’t think that it’s flip flop weather–at least here in Boston. One of my pet peeves is when people start wearing flip flops the one day it randomly hits 60 degrees and then stupidly declare it “flip flop weather” on their Facebook page. No. Just no. Unless it’s going to stay in the upper 60s for the indefinite future keep those flip flops in the back of your closet. Now, with my little PSA over let’s get back to this spring’s shoe trends.

Sam Edelman 'Gable' Sandal from Nordstrom. $99.95

Sam Edelman ‘Gable’ Sandal from Nordstrom. $99.95

I’m psyched to see that gladiator sandals are back again because I seriously live in shoes like these in the summer. I’m not an Old Navy flip flop kind of girl (unless I’m headed to the beach) but I love sandals! Why waste time in rubber plastic foam shoes when you can have something much more stylish and are nearly as comfortable? When you’re going out opt for these sandals instead–they’ll look cute with shorts or a maxi dress. I bought a pair in a rose gold color two summers ago and I’m still going to be wearing them this summer. I don’t care how old they are, I still get compliments on them and they’re my go-to pair…and probably will be until they have holes in their soles. Kidding.

ASOS Valley Flatforms $58.19

ASOS Valley Flatforms $58.19

Flatforms, a hybrid of flip flops and platforms. Now I don’t completely love these shoes, but I can’t deny that they’re going to be hot this summer. I wrote about platform shoes in my You Call that Style? 2012 Edition post and clearly the fashion world hasn’t read it (yet) because these platforms are sticking around for another season or two. I’ve already seen some pics of celebrities rocking the trend and maybe, just maybe, I can find a pair that I like. At least the name is cute…

Leopard Print Sandals from Zara. $69.90

Leopard Print Sandals from Zara. $69.90

My favorite break-out shoe this spring (so far) has got to be the ankle strap heel. I love it. A classic pump is well, classic, but these shoes add something a little extra. Who knew such a simple strap could totally transform a heel? I’ve seen ankle straps on wedges and regular heels and I like them on both. I would love to pair these heels with a summery tea-length dress and some bold jewelry. Zara has a lot of really cute ankle strap heels (for less than $50), including the ones on the left!

Seychelles Gale Force wedges from Zappos. $95

Seychelles Gale Force wedges from Zappos. $95

Keeping with the heel trend: wedges. My heart be still. I love them. They’re nothing new but they’re total versatile and are still at the top of my list. I will wear wedges with just about anything–dresses, skirts, wide-leg pants, shorts, and the list goes on. (Or does it? Because I really can’t think of any other summer clothes…) And please don’t confuse a wedge with flatforms. A wedge starts with your toes an inch or less off the ground and then gradually adds height. A flatform on the other hand stays the same height from toe to heel. I especially love wearing wedges if I know I’m going to be outside for most of the day. Because seriously, how awkward is it when you’re walking across someone’s lawn at a party and your heel keeps getting wedged into the grass? You know this has happened to you (cross out) someone you know.

And with this list and a good pedicure, your feet will be ready for warm weather! See ya snow boots…


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