Gold Medal Drinking: Beer Olympics in the Post-Grad World

Last weekend I participated in the 3rd annual Beer Olympics with my West Chester, Pa friends. After being almost two years out of college, I was a little concerned about how my post-grad self could handle such a binge fest, and even more so the drinking games. Besides the occasional game of beer pong, I hadn’t played any of the games since last year’s Beer Olympics.

BeerOlympicsTeamMadagascarMy teammates and I decided on our Beer Olympics country, Madagascar, meaning we could get really creative and dress up as safari animals (pretty awesome, right!?)  I absolutely loved this idea because it meant I could finally dress up as a zebra and put my obsessive excessive zebra print wardrobe to good use!  I just had to buy zebra ears and tail, as well as this ridiculous pair of zebra print leggings, in addition to everything else zebra that I already owned.

Beer Olympics 2013 officially kicked off in the back yard with beer chug. If you aren’t familiar, each team has a bucket filled with however many cups of beer as the number of people on your team. Each person must drink as much as he/she can and pass it on. Once the bucket is passed to the last person, he/she must finish the entire bucket (no pass-backs). My three teammates volunteered to play (thankfully) and totally kicked the other team’s butt!

After the first round of chug, it was onto the next games—beer pong, flip cup, quarters, chandeliers, beer die, and ice tray race.

For beer pong, each team was split into two teams and it was best out of three games. My sub-team won – thanks to my clutch last-cup shot! So then, we played the winners of the opposing sub-team and won that best out of three, ultimately winning the first round. After that was flip cup (my favorite drinking game!), and we also dominated that round.

Next up was chandeliers. After many intense matches, it was down to me and the opposing team’s last girl. Our good fortune continued… and I won! This is unfortunately where our good luck ran out. It was time for quarters (the game I’m absolutely the worst at) for best out of seven matches. While I did manage to make a few, we lost in the first round. The guys on my team then played beer die and also lost.

It was clearly time for a break. My boyfriend mercifully showed up with dinner, so I sobered up satisfied my beer munchies. I was now ready to compete in the ice tray race. We won this round, but then it was time to start from the beginning for round two. We regrettably went on to lose chug, pong, flip cup, and chandeliers in the second round. I did, however, prevail and conquer the second round of the ice tray race!

Later on, we had the chance to redeem ourselves for bronze, but didn’t finish on top in any of these four, really close matchups. There was only one chance left for a medal – a final round of the ice tray race. After an extremely close match, I just barely missed the gold. I did, however, earn myself a silver!

mezebramedalAs the Olympics came to a close, I vaguely remember being upset that my team hadn’t medaled in anything. Clearly drunk-me forgot about the silver medal I earned in the ice tray race; in fact, truth be told, I apparently walked around telling people that I had stolen the medal around my neck!

By the end of the night I was completely done for. After sleeping the entire car ride back, I refused to take off my medal and told my boyfriend that “winners sleep with their medals!” And yes…It gets better. “Real zebra girls” have to sleep in their costumes, too.

We just aren’t in college anymore, are we? Even though Team Madagascar didn’t medal as much as I had hoped, I had an awesome time with my friends. Surprisingly, the hangover wasn’t too bad the next day either! Bring on Beer Olympics 2014!

Have your own Beer Olympics story? Tell us here or @20sTweet!


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