Peace, Love & Ryan Gosling

Have you seen the trailer for The Place Beyond the Pines yet? If not, check it out below:

The new movie features heartthrob Ryan Gosling and beautiful Bradley Cooper and is coming out this week. To mark the occasion I figured I’d share my personal story about how I met, YES MET, both of these beautiful men!

Two summers ago a movie was being filmed in my hometown, Schenectady, New York. I thought, that’s cool–nothing  like this really happens in Schenectady. And when I found out that Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper were going to star in it, my true psychotic self was born. My friends and I made it a goal to meet the man that has no imperfections: Ryan Gosling. And I personally needed and longed to meet the man that made me drool the whole time I was watching The Hangover II, Bradley Cooper.

On August 8, 2011 we began our stalking spree. I was coming home from an OAR concert and I had just spent the previous day (and night) drinking and camping. My feet were so dirty they were black, I was hungover, I had no voice from screaming at the concert, and I wasn’t wearing a bra. Despite all that, once my friends texted me saying that they were filming on State Street I knew I had to go. So with my unacceptable appearance I moseyed on down to State Street to watch Ryan Gosling on a motorcycle. My friends, Jordan and Molly, both had to go to work but I decided to stick around for a little bit and befriended some other fans before deciding I needed to go home, shower, and put a bra on. The struggles of a college girl…

628x471When Jordan got out of work she picked me up and we headed back down to State Street with posters that read: “Peace, Love & Ryan Gosling” and “We ♥ Ryan.” Molly met us there. Tonight was not our night to meet Ryan Gosling, but we did walk away with his cigarette…which we are guilty of putting to our lips. Yes, call us psychos! But would you have not done the same?

100_31872The following day we went about our normal lives, but in the back of our heads we knew Ryan Gosling was lurking around Schenectady. Later that day my mom called and told me where they were filming, I immediately called my gfs to see if they were down to go. The problem was: I left my poster at my house. In my car was a black sharpie and a white poster board from the previous night, so I simply drew a heart on it and inside of it read “Ryan.” How old am I, 13? And then my friends and I stood for hours in the sun and in the rain.

What happened next is something that I don’t think any of us will ever forget.

Ryan Gosling, the heartthrob, angel, and the ultimate perfect human, came over to Jordan, Molly and I and said so sweetly, “the girls with the posters.” I don’t know what came over me, but I glided right into his arms and hugged him. I pulled Molly and Jordan to embrace him with me as other girls tried to make their way to our man, but he was so interested in us and asked us our names and delicately said Do you guys want to take a picture? I started hyperventilating.

Mine and Jordan’s cell phones were dead. THANK GOD Molly’s wasn’t.

I have to give my mom credit for her knowledge on technology, but she couldn’t figure out how to take a picture on the touch screen phone, but that’s okay it just gave us more time for Ryan to hold us and talk to us. She apologized to Ryan, and he said, “it’s okay” politely and shook Mary Ann’s hand and was talking to her. Excellent. Ryan Gosling met my mom & can make his way into my family ASAP.

2011-08-09_23-01-24_22 (1)

Whilst holding us three girls I looked up at him and asked the only question that I could think of at that moment, “what’s your favorite cereal?” (My cousin Josh had told me it’s his go-to line when chatting up celebs.)  He perfectly replied, “Cap’n Crunch.” I will never look at Cap ‘n Crunch the same again.

Two nights later we met Bradley Cooper at Ellis Hospital and that’s when I couldn’t produce words to even tell him my name. I was so star struck, but I did get to hug him, and smell him, and love him, and take pictures with him. When our brief interaction was over I fell to the ground and into the fetal position. Then, I called my mom crying.


With The Place Beyond the Pines being released this week I can’t help to think of the highlights of that summer. Not only did we meet two of the sexiest men alive, but we even got to be extras in the movie! 

Hopefully we make the cut!

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