Long Live Fashion! (And a Clean Closet…)

How many things do you have in your closet that you know you’ll never wear again. I can think of quite a few things that I keep hanging in my closet because I feel like I’m “wasting money” by getting rid of something I’ve only worn once (or never). I’m pretty good at cleaning out my closet every couple of months but I have the hardest time actually parting with my clothes. Then again, who doesn’t? I’m pretty sure I still have a shirt in one of my drawers that I’ve had since sophomore year of high school that I can’t seem to part with because it brings back fun memories. I’m not kidding. It’s a shirt. It doesn’t even really fit me! Not that it really even fit when I bought it 8 years ago but that’s neither here nor there…
However, I recently found some incentive to clean out my closet and actually get rid of things. H&M has a new program which they proudly proclaim: Don’t let fashion go to waste! and Long live fashion! I love it. What you do is bring your old, unwanted clothes (doesn’t matter how old it is, what kind of condition its in, or where you got it from) into any H&M location. In return, for each shopping bag of clothing you donate (you can donate up to 2 bags per trip), you get a 15% off voucher good towards a single item!
Here’s how it works:
3-27-2013 4-45-29 PM
So that old high school T-shirt? I’ve decided I’m actually going to get rid of it. Remember that white blazer I posted about last week? Yeah, I know what I’m getting with my 15% off coupon…
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