The Online Treasure Trove

After I got my somewhat hefty tax return this year, I decided that a small portion of that money would go toward something I could treat myself with: jewelry. I started browsing and came across I had previously heard of Etsy, but I personally hadn’t used the website. If you’re not familiar with Etsy (like I was), it’s a website that sells handmade, vintage items, and crafts. At first I had my doubts.

Regardless of my skepticism, I was looking through pages and pages of jewelry–I couldn’t stop filling my cart with items! I knew I would eventually have to narrow down my selection in order to prevent myself from spending my entire tax return!

However, before making a purchase I had to make sure that the website was legit-especially since I was newbie to it. Where to ask? Well of course, I posted “Is Etsy reliable to buy from?” on Facebook and Twitter! Many of my friends and followers advised me, and little did I know that I could actually carry on a conversation with the seller.

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 8.21.28 PM

Here are some of my tips for online shopping:

1.)    If you can contact a user-GO FOR IT! They’ll appreciate your business and are helpful if you have any questions.

2.)    Watch out for shipping fees. I noticed that some of the items on Etsy are extremely affordable, but shipping may be on the expensive side. Keep this in mind when you’re viewing your items!

3.)    When using credit/debit card watch your bank account closely. The positive of shopping online is that you can purchase just about anything, but the negative: you’re putting your information in a warzone. What I mean is, you may think your information is protected, but it is possible for your card number to be stolen. I would advise to look at your bank statements and make sure that they are accurate.

4.)    Try not to get antsy. I tend to want my online purchases now, so when you play the waiting game it can get frustrating! Go out and do something else to keep your mind off of your obsession with your almost item.

Not only do I LOVE my brand new metal stamp bracelet, I plan on purchasing from Etsy again!

Do you buy or sell on Etsy? Tell us what you think @20sTweet!


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