Staying Positive: Spring is on the Way

 Yes, it’s the first day of spring. And yes, it’s cold outside. I’ve seen enough tweets and posts on my timeline to understand that people aren’t happy (myself included). Maybe it’s because last winter was so warm (remember when Jenna was telling us how to appropriately dress for summer last March?), or maybe it’s because we’ve had SO much snow, including a visit from our dear friend, Winter Storm Nemo.

That's me on the right, facing Nemo in Boston.

That’s me on the right, facing Nemo in Boston.

For me, I know the difference and my extra “blah” feelings are because of my every day commute. I used to drive a simple 10-minutes, park in front of my building and run inside. It didn’t really matter too much if it was raining, snowing, sleeting, or hailing. But this year, bad weather means I have to pack extra shoes, dress in rain boots, leave extra early for unexpected changes in the train schedule, fight the wind with broken umbrellas, and trudge to work through slushy puddles and/or on black ice.

Okay, you see my point. So how can we stay positive? Yes, it sounds cliché, but with Easter only a few weeks away, spring is finally on the way!

This article from Glamour’s February issue features some great ideas from Ben Michaelis, PhD, author of Your Next Big Thing: 10 Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy.  While these tips certainly come in handy during the dead, middle of winter, there’s no reason why we can’t try out some of his ideas now to keep us motivated.

The (somewhat) warmer weather makes it even easier to get outside, explore and play.
My personal favorite on his list is #5:

“Don’t fill—fulfill. One of the biggest challenges to getting happy in the middle of winter is the sense that you are just filling’ time until spring or summer comes around. Instead of just filling time, do something fulfilling. Spend time with a friend or relative who could use your company. It will cheer both of you up.”

For those of you who live alone like me — Spending extra time with friends and family surely keeps you busy, right? Try a new meal together, plan a Sunday afternoon date, or grab coffee with a friend who you haven’t seen in a while. Retail therapy is always another great option, especially when you and a friend are looking forward to fun, spring fashion together!

Whatever you do, do something. “Fulfilling” your free time is bound to make you feel less depressed and well, less downright grumpy about the not-so-warm weather.

Happy first day of spring!


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1 Response to Staying Positive: Spring is on the Way

  1. Tehehe! thanks for this! I’ve been grumpy all week about this weather! I’m in DC — no snow, but the highest today was 35 degrees. I have family coming in from the south on next week and they weren’t too thrilled about snow being in the forecast for Monday. SMH! thanks for sharing. xC

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