Spring Trends Have Sprung

The first day of spring is tomorrow! I’m tired of bundling up when I’m walking to work, and I’m really tired of buying bulky sweaters. I’m ready to see some spring colors fill my closet! This spring though, it won’t only be pastels filling my closet (although there will still be some)–check out some of these items on my must-have list:

From random little owls to polka dots, it’s not only shirts getting in on the repeating pattern trend. Shorts, pants, and scarves all come in repeating patterns this season. This is one of those trends that is affordable for everyone which makes it even more fun. I personally won’t go as far as sporting small animals on my shirt but smaller, more subtle designs I just might.

Blazer $49.99 at H&M

Blazer $49.99 at H&M

Perhaps one of the most surprising trends of spring: black and white color combos. I know, quite a change from the usual spring colors. What’s happened to the lavender, pale pink, and sky blue?! Let’s be honest though…did you really want to go to out looking like an Easter egg? I’ve been seeing this look everywhere and I absolutely love it! A black dress with a white blazer for work? Love! A white blazer is one item on my spring wish-list will-be-buying list and I’ve been searching for the perfect one. Not sure about the white or think it will wash you out? Try opting for an ivory or cream instead.

Mint Dress $52.99 at ModCloth

Mint Dress $52.99 at ModCloth

Of course, we couldn’t skip the whole season without seeing at least one pastel color make a splash. Mint is everywhere lately! Not sure what to wear it with? The “safest” color combos are white, grey, and black. Looking to be a little bold? Try pairing it with marigold or pink! I think gold jewelry with mint also looks fab.

Tommy Hilfiger Dress $74.99 at Macys

Tommy Hilfiger Dress $74.99 at Macys

Now that the weather is getting warmer chambray will be popping up again and it’s easy to see why. The lightweight fabric is perfect for those breezy spring days. I think this look is incredibly cute with a lightweight scarf, dark jeans, and a pair of brown riding boots! I also saw a chambray dress recently (like the one on the left) which would look cute with a pair of brown booties. (Click here to see 5 ways to wear chambray!)

I wish when it was spring it automatically guaranteed the weather would be over 50 degrees (at least in New England). Of course, that isn’t the case. Case in point: Boston woke up to snow this morning. I’m over it. Who else is done with the cold? Bring on the sunshine!


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