Keep Dancing Like We’re 22

I know some people feel like there’s been enough Taylor Swift breakup/relationship nonsense lately to last us a lifetime. I don’t disagree. In fact, as one of the crazy fans who forked up way too much money to see a concert on her “Fearless” tour, I’ll admit it. She’s become a bit of a drama queen.

With that said, however, I can’t help but sing along to some of her more recent (and ever so catchy) tunes. Take the song 22, for example. After We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (yikes… that one wasn’t so great) and I Knew You Were Trouble (love this one, but honestly… the drama), this one is just plain fun. Right?


Sure, she talks about dressing up and making fun of our exes while wearing a shirt in the video that says ‘Not A Whole Lot Going On At The Moment.’ (Wonder who that’s directed to?) But for the first time in a long time, she seems real. Young. Care-free. Fun. Like someone we could all be friends with.

The song and video revolve around twenty-somethings. “We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.” Well yes, we are. And as she shared on Good Morning America, the sidekicks in the video are her actual, real-life best friends. How cool is that?

So yeah, she may be an attention-seeking, drama queen. But at this moment, at 22, she’s just one of us. Forgetting about deadlines, falling in love with strangers, and hoping everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we’re 22.


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