A Reader Thank You from Jenna Carrabis

We’ve never actually posted a reader response letter here on TwentyTweets, but this one was too touching to pass up. To refresh your memory, a month or so back I featured Jenna Carrabis’ story about her Cycle for Survival ride, benefiting the memory of her beloved friend, Alyssa Acquafredda, who lost her battle with cancer. Well, Jenna had a MORE than successful experience raising money and awareness. Although the original date for her ride was canceled due to Winter Storm Nemo, it was rescheduled to this past weekend. I received this touching email from Jenna that I couldn’t resist sharing. She thanks many people, including TwentyTweets for sharing her story, for her success. Jenna  writes,

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Unfortunately, this was Mission Cure Possible’s second year at the Cycle for Survival event without our hero by our side, however I know that she was there in spirit-pom poms, yellow tiara and all, cheering us on at the top of her lungs. If tears were shed, she was right there beside us yelling “stop the crying and keep on cycling!”

Thanks to Winter Storm Nemo, Boston Cycle for Survival was rescheduled from February 10th (which would have been Alyssa’s 27th birthday) to yesterday, February 24th, however this did not stop us from going full force–and full force we did.  This year, Mission Cure Possible became a NATIONAL team, cycling in four different locations across the United States! We are also ranked 10th in fundraising out of ALL the Cycle for Survival teams.  Lyss totally did a dance when she found that out.
Jenna and her team

Jenna and her team

Thanks to all of you, our team has raised $49,190 and Cycle for Survival as a whole has raised a total of $11.7 MILLION to date and climbing–the most yet!!! Don’t forget that EVERY single dollar of that growing $11.7 million goes directly to the doctors at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for research and to fund clinical trials that Alyssa got to be a part of back in 2010.

Alyssa was an amazing person and an even more amazing friend, to know her was to love her and if you didn’t love her, well, then you didn’t know her.  I can’t thank you guys enough for helping us keep Alyssa’s dream and more importantly, her memory alive. The Cycle for Survival event meant SO much to Alyssa and although we could not help her, she would want us to continue to fight for those still fighting and those yet to be begin their battle.

Just remember that with that small click of a mouse, lick of a stamp, or by attending the fundraiser at Studio3 in Newport, you’ve just helped thousands and I honestly can’t thank you enough. You guys are the best!

I can speak for everyone here at TwentyTweets and say that we are honored to have been even the smallest percentage of help during this time. I attended Jenna’s fundraiser at Studio3 in Newport, RI with some friends, and the club was PACKED that night, so I can only assume that some people found out about the great fundraiser through this blog. Although we usually tend to write more light-hearted and fun stories, we recognize that

Brittni & Jenna at the event

Brittni & Jenna at the event

not everything in a twenty-something’s life will be easy, but there is always a silver lining. Contributing what we could to Jenna, Mission Cure Possible, and Cycle for Survival will help those who need it most. We may have lost Alyssa, but her soul lives on through those struggling with cancer today. Thank you Alyssa, and most importantly, thank you Jenna for bringing our attention to such an amazing cause.


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