YOLO: You Oughta Look Out

For those of you that missed Adam Levine hosting SNL a few weeks ago, you should watch it. Not just for “The Voice”-inspired monologue (where he ends up shirtless), but for some of the funny, unexpected skits. One of my faves was the high school, 80s version of The Sopranos (based off of The Carrie Diaries). Another? This YOLO skit:

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 7.37.58 PMClick here to watch the video

How perfect is this for twenty-somethings? Maybe I’m just feeling extra stuck between fake and real life lately, but the satire of it all seemed absolutely perfect. Throw in a little Andy Samberg… and I was hysterical. We can be so doubtful of ourselves sometimes, even when things seem certain. Take a minute to laugh, or at the very least, admire Adam Levine!


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1 Response to YOLO: You Oughta Look Out

  1. Hilarious! Thanks for posting:) I love your 20s blog!

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