Workouts Without Headphones: An Absolute Failure

Our guest blogging guy Billy is back! This time, he’s talking to us about the gym. Girls and guys see working out differently, right? Possibly. Read on to hear how guys push it through a tough workout… and to hear what can really tick them off at their local fitness centers.


Have you ever tried the nearly impossible task of working out without headphones? Unfortunately, I have, but not by choice. Sadly, I left my beloved headphones at my house while on Christmas break. I’m back at school now and have yet to retrieve them since. No music at the gym! I know what you’re thinking… Crazy, right?


hpTwentyTweets has shared their favorite workout tunes before, so it’s not secret that music can play a part in a really great workout. I’ll be honest. Without headphones, my workouts have taken a turn for the worst. How do I know I’ve hit rock bottom? When I’m replaying those Kanye West songs I listened to in my car that morning in my head. Without my traditional playlist, including head-bangers such as Steve Aoki’s Turbulence or Machine Gun Kelly’s Wild Boy, I am lucky to hit the hour mark. And yes… the sad thing is that a long day of classes and no headphones is my excuse!

Guys need music, too. We’d be lying if we said all of our gym music was heavy metal. Every guy has at least one feminine song that can get him going at the gym. Admit it dudes… We all know you’re squatting to one of T Swift’s latest, or hitting a PR (personal record) on dead-lifts while jamming to some Ke$ha.

hp2I guess it’s okay to feel “Hot and Dangerous” while pulling 300+ pounds. But you know what annoys me? When some guy who thinks he’s “the man” feels the need to slam down the weights when he’s finished. Ever hear of a little something called gym etiquette? It’s never okay to slam down weights. You just look like a girl wearing heels around campus on a rainy day… It doesn’t work!

It’s possible that I never really noticed these guys until I was working out headphone-less. And what’s really not okay is that I’m allowing my dilemma to go unresolved until I can get back home and get them! As Erika would say, I don’t have “bikini season” to look forward to as some serious gym motivation. But I know I’ve got to find my motivation soon… Those headphones are the ticket to making workouts a piece of cake.

Speaking of cake – maybe we are all more alike than it seemed. Got to go – I’ve got a post-workout meal waiting for me!


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2 Responses to Workouts Without Headphones: An Absolute Failure

  1. Valerie's New York says:

    Tell me about it, I go to the gym always and get get anything done without headphones. It keeps the mind occupied in some weird way.

  2. It is impossible to workout without music. I am always amazed at those super runners who go out for like 12 mile runs and they don’t listen to any music. I think I would go crazy listening to my own thoughts for 12 miles… or a whole gym workout session.

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