Party of Five: Memories from a Special Valentine’s Day

As Brittni mentioned yesterday, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about relationships and significant others. How often do some of your favorite magazines tell you to embrace this day of love with some of your closest girlfriends? You may be thinking… Easier said than done.

IMG_8180Well, not for one group of twenty-something, single ladies from Westchester, NY. Although leading up to yesterday they referred to themselves as the “Bitter Bitches,” there was nothing bitter about this night at all. In fact, after many laughs, drinks and cheers at their “Party of Five” date last night, they agreed to make this a tradition (whether they enter relationships in the future or not).

Michelle (pictured far right) tells all in this exclusive interview with TwentyTweets. Read on to hear just how fun a Valentine’s night out can be with your closest girlfriends.


Erika: First, give us the details. Who, what, where and why?

Michelle: Last night I went out with four other single friends to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We had dinner at a restaurant called Table 9 and actually went out afterwards for more drinks at a local brewery. We made plans to have dinner together a while back because we’re all single, some of us more recently, and wanted to spend the night together. We figured, why stay home and be sappy alone when we could be with our best friends, eating, drinking and laughing our butts off?

E: Sounds like a fabulous plan.

M: It was! We all dressed in black and they seated us in a perfect, sort of secluded, round booth. We had a nice view of all the couples around us, some of who were so overdressed for the restaurant. It was hilarious. We were the only group of single ladies in the place as far as we could tell.

E: What about drinks?

Michelle: Well, one of the girls surprised us all with nips of Absolut that had little red bows tied around them. And another girl brought boxes of chocolates for everyone – it was adorable! We also all ordered this champagne cocktail called “Berry Sophisticated.” It was a blend of Absolut Berry Acai, lime juice and champagne. Let me tell you, they were delicious! And what’s better than celebrating with a little bubbly?


E: That’s perfect! It sounds like a night you’d see on an episode of Sex and the City.

M: Seriously! Your friends are your support system. We’re there for each other through breakups, first dates, tears, laughs, the morning afters… just everything.  Last night was one of the greatest nights out in a long time. We all agreed that even when we do have boyfriends, we’re keeping this a tradition. Just us five for Valentine’s Day! We didn’t have a care in the world.

E: Your living proof that Valentine’s Day is about more than just significant others.

M: Of course, I would love it if I had someone to send me flowers at work or take me out for dinner, but I don’t… and that’s okay. This is also what I thought BEFORE this year’s Valentine’s Day. Last night was better than past Valentine’s Days I’ve spent with boyfriends – no pressure, no expectations – just fun! When we went out afterwards it was still only couples everywhere we looked, which was fine. We made friends with the bartenders!

E: That’s hilarious. Doesn’t take a boyfriend to have a good time!

M: Definitely not. I think it’s important to show everyone you love how much you care about them because that’s what the day is all about. Another fun thing happened yesterday at work. My co-workers who were all getting flower deliveries felt bad I didn’t have one on its way. So they bought me flowers, gave them to our receptionist and had me called down to pick them up. I thought, who could these be from… my mom? Sure enough, I got a round of applause when I returned to my desk. It was seriously the cutest thing and I felt so loved.

E: Anyone you care about can be that special Valentine, right?

M: Yes. When I got home from my “Bitter Bitches” party last night, I had two important Valentines waiting for me from my mom and dad. Moral of the story… I had the best Valentine’s Day ever. I’m completely single and lovin’ it.  


Will you plan your own Bitter Bitches party next year? Take it from Michelle – you won’t regret it!


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1 Response to Party of Five: Memories from a Special Valentine’s Day

  1. This is such a great idea for Valentines Day. Most of my friends and I are single ladies and I will have to keep this in mind! I love the little gifts they gave each other!

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