Spread Love, it’s the TwentyTweets Way

Happy Valentine’s Day, TwentyTweeters!

Whether you’re madly in love, dabbling in the dating world, or contently single, there are a bunch of different ways to celebrate today. Thanks to Hallmark, today is usually geared towards lovers of the romantic variety, so if you’re single, it could be a harsh reminder of what you don’t have. Instead, use it as a day to embrace those positive people you DO have in your life. Your best friends, family, pets…All individuals who you love, right? Don’t let the stigma of being in a relationship ruin this day for you. And of course, even if you have that amazing significant other, be sure to keep those other loved ones on the top of your priority list this week.

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Here are some ways to positively enjoy this holiday, whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow or not:

  • Treat yourself. Whatever it is you do to make yourself feel good, be sure to do that this week. From something as little as getting whipped cream on your latte to splurging on a pair of shoes you’ve been eying for weeks, do something loving for yourself.
  • Send love notes. Your boyfriend isn’t the only one who deserves a cute card this week! How about thanking mom for always making sure there are clean towels in the bathroom? Dad for shoveling your car out this weekend? Or even your little brother who always makes you laugh? Although those may be overlooked throughout our busy lives, they will definitely appreciate your random appreciation.
  • Go on dates…with your friends. Men and women aren’t the only ones who can go out on the town. If you have the time, set aside a couple hours each day to a different friend or family member. My ideal dates with friends (both of which have happened this week) isΒ a Starbucks/Target adventure or a casual dinner fueled by bar food and tall beers. Remember, friends need some loving, too!
  • Save money. One of the biggest things that those in relationships actually envy about their single friends? The money they won’t be spending on Valentine’s Day. Yes, we love spending money on our significant others, but it does make a dent on our wallets sometimes. If you have a goal you’d like to reach, put a couple more dollars into your savings account this week. You will love yourself for it later!
  • Spread positivity and love. I always try to keep my face plastered with a smile, but even I struggle with being constantly happy. The random compliment you give a coworker; the quick smile you gave a passerby on the street; that hug you gave your best friend after your coffee date…All things that seem small but can make a major impact on others’ lives. Happiness is contagious, so be sure to spread that like wildfire this week. You never know whose day you will make.

If these aren’t enough, check out these tips from TwentyTweets readers. It was a post we did last year, and all of the advice comes from YOU! And don’t forget, if you’re going through a tough break-up, your loved ones will ALWAYS be there for you. Check out this post if you need a little pick me up. But… if worse comes to worse, you could always buy one of these obnoxious pillows if you’re feeling THAT desperate. (Kidding.)

How are YOU spending Valentine’s Day? We will have an exclusive interview with an avid TwentyTweets reader about her night out tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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