Lessons I Learned from the Runway

I hate bucket lists. I don’t know why but they seriously annoy me. I’m not against having a list of things you want to do but I just hate the term, “bucket list.” Of course, many of us have a list of things we’ll eventually want to do (no need to call it a bucket list though) but my list is a little different. You see, my “list” consists of one single thing: attend Fashion Week in NYC. 

Nick Pini Runway Show

PINI, by Nick Pini Runway Show

For those of you who don’t obsessively stalk keep up with the comings and goings of the fashion world, fashion week starts today. And where am I, you ask? No, not Bryant Park. I’m sitting in my darling little cubicle at work. Don’t get me wrong, it has a nice view and my office mates are nice enough but this doesn’t beat rubbing elbows sitting in the way back row of fashion week and catching glimpses of the designer duds as they strut down the runway. However, this weekend I got to experience something that was nearly as amazing: Styleweek Northeast in Providence, RI.

Oh. My. God. I will never, ever be able to put into words how amazing it was. Considering it was only in Providence it wasn’t hard to know someone (my friend since high school) who was affiliated with the show and could score me some free tickets. Oh, and did I mention these tickets were VIP? And that we were sitting first and second row? Because we were. I nearly had to hold back tears when I walked into the Grand Ballroom at the Biltmore and saw the huge runway before my eyes. And when I got to meet one of the designers at the after-party? I nearly cried again.

I’m already counting down the days until the next Styleweek Northeast begins in August. Lucky for me, this Styleweek provided me with some learning experiences that I’ll remember next time I go:

1. Yes, the models really are that skinny. I’m not a hater. Really, I’m not. But it’s never okay when I can see your shoulder blades perfectly. Honestly, it made me a little sad. I was hoping because Providence wasn’t the “big time” that the models would look a little more natural but no such luck. If you think the models look stick-thin in the editorials, you should see them in person.

Oh, THAT'S what Jonathan Joseph Peters looks like? Wish I would have know that BEFORE.

Oh, THAT’S what Jonathan Joseph Peters looks like? Wish I would have know that BEFORE.

2. At least Google what the designers look like. Sure I know a little bit about each stylists and what their actual designs look like but putting a face to the name, not so much. Had I Googled what Jonathan Joseph Peters (former contestant on Project Runway and the headliner the event) looked like I would have known that I was standing in the elevator next to him when I went into the show. Damn, I could have said something witty about his ah-may-zing designs and I’m sure he would have at least invited me backstage or something…next time.

3. Shop the accessory showcase before indulging in three too many glasses of Pinot Grigio. I may or may not have compulsively bought a ring that wasn’t exactly a “bargain.”

4. I’m normally pretty laid-back (although my boyfriend might disagree) and if you’re taking up my space, 9 times out of 10 I’m not going to say anything. But try to steal my seat at a fashion show? You bet I’m going to say something to you and I won’t back down until you move. You want to get security involved? That’s fine. That prime seat is mine…now go sit in the third row.

Jonathan Joseph Peters Runway Show

Jonathan Joseph Peters Runway Show

5. You don’t have to look like everyone else to be “fashionable.” One of my favorite parts of the night was watching what everyone was wearing. It was so fun because everyone was dressed so differently but still looked fabulous! Dresses, printed and colored jeans, blazers, cream colored dresses, sequined tops, studded hats, men in suits, men with fedoras…my list could keep going. Personally, I could never pull off a studded hat but the woman that was wearing it? She absolutely could and she looked fierce! It was a nice reminder that fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel good and as long as you’re wearing it with confidence you’ll look fab. (Note: This is still not a free-for-all to wear sweatpants in public, Crocs, or Uggs. I’m using the term “feel good” in a general sense. You still have to look put together.)

You can check out video clips from each of the night’s shows here. Seriously, just hearing the music again gives me the chills. Or you can check out some pictures from the show here.

If you ever get the chance to attend a fashion show you absolutely must go (or at least give your tickets to me). The whole experience is unbelievable.


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