Chip-Free Color

McKayla is not impressed. I know, I know. This is SO 2012 but I couldn't resist.

McKayla is not impressed. I know, I know. This is SO 2012 but I couldn’t resist.

Yesterday Stacia wrote a post about gel nails and how she’s seriously unimpressed with them. I had been thinking the same thing myself! I got a gel manicure a few times last year (at various places) and I was never happy with them. My gel nails didn’t even stay chip-free for the full two weeks! Chipping, having to scrape your nails until they’re almost bleeding to get the polish off and brittle nails? No thanks. It took me a good month or two until my nails were back to normal. I know some people love them (ahem, Erika), but I’m never going back.

OPI for $9 a bottle? Essie for a cool $8? Again, no thanks. When it comes to nail polish I almost always use the same nail polish my Mom used when I was younger–good old Revlon.

I don’t know about you but having the same color on my nails for a full week is long enough for me; even if my nails aren’t chipped I’m ready to change the polish as soon as once I hit that one-week mark. I have this obsessive-compulsive routine I follow when it comes to my nails. First of all, you’ll pretty much never see me without nail polish. The only exception to this “rule” is if my nails are terribly chipped and I don’t have time to paint them before going out. (Chipped nails are never pretty.) It’s safe to say the longest my nails are sans-polish is about 12 hours. Oh, and my nails and toes will always match. Anyways, back to my routine…

nail polish

My small collection of Revlon nail polish. Notice how they’re basically all the same color.

The process usually starts on a Sunday. I take my nail polish off and then file my nails down to neat little squares (I’m not a long nails person…just think of all the all the germs that could live under there!). Next, I let my nails breathe for about an hour or so (this probably does absolutely nothing but whatever) and then I get started. All it takes is 3 coats of nail polish with about 10-15 minutes between each coat so they don’t get sticky. Then, I complete my “masterpiece” with one coat of top coat. Seriously, if you’re not putting a top coat on you’re basically asking for chipping. Plus, the top coat polishes them perfectly so they look nice and shiny. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the shine; I’ve never been into those “matte” nail trends.

While the names might not be as fun (like OPI’s Not so Bora-Bora-ing Pink, Yodel Me on My Cell, or Kiss Me on my Tulips, for example) Revlon nail polish will leave your nails nearly chip free for about a full week! Not having to repolish throughout the week? Count me in.


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