The Power of Gel

Normally when I go to the nail salon, I usually just get a pedicure. But right after the New Year I was feeling spicy and wanted to try something different. I saw a sign for gel nail polish and it read “color that will last for weeks.” I thought to myself ya right, but decided to give it a try anyways.

Shellac is a popular gel brand

Shellac is a popular gel brand.

At first, I was indecisive on choosing a nail polish that would be on my fingers for weeks, because normally I change colors like I change my clothes. Like I said, I was feeling a bit bold, so I picked out a maroon nail color that would be committed to my finger tips for the next few weeks… Not too dark or too light, and it definitely went with the season. Gel manicures dry as you go, and I was pleased to have completely dry nails by the time I left the salon.

Over the next couple weeks as I was working, driving, packing and moving back to school, I noticed my nails hadn’t chipped at all! It was like a girl’s dream come true! I couldn’t wait to make a trip back to the nail salon for a new gel mani (if this maroon polish ever came off). I was convinced that this was the solution to all my post-chipping problems, until…

This past week, I decided to take a cuticle scraper to my nails and say goodbye to the maroon color in preparation for a new color to match an outfit for the weekend. Then and there, I found the first flaw of my gel nail experience. When the polish finally came off, my nails were left brittle, thin and unflattering — similar to when acrylic nails come off. WHAT A BUST! And I thought gel nail polish was a winner?!

Have you tried gel manicures? What’s a girl to do now? Share your brittle nail remedies below or @20sTweet!


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