How to: Survive the Playoffs

Hockey, football, or basketball. It doesn’t matter, I don’t watch any of them. But when your football addict boyfriend wants to forgo your Saturday night plans in order to watch the playoff game then you’re kind of forced to care. So what’s non-sports loving gal to do? Compromise. I’ve found it’s not too hard…most of the time.

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 8.51.04 PMSuper Bowl? Stanley Cup? Whatever kind of tableware the team will be winning that day, it’s a given that your sports loving friends/boyfriend are going to be tuning into the big games. Right now it’s prime time for sports fans (the NHL lockout is over, football playoffs are in full swing, and basketball is still going strong) and I’ve learned that for sports fans, there’s no missing the “big game.” So, how exactly are you supposed to survive these games without wanting to be tackled out of your misery?

Turn the TV show (yes, I refer to televised sporting events as TV shows) into a party. Pack your friends, family, unhealthy food, and alcohol into a room (with a TV) and you have the most manageable way to deal with these kinds of “big” events. What’s great about hosting the party at your place is that you’re not obligated to sit on the couch and cheer anyone on. Spend time chatting with the less enthusiastic sports fans as the others cheer on their favorite team. Don’t worry, we even have ideas on what you can make for game day: pulled pork, chicken and honey mustard pinwheels, or pizza fondue. Food makes everything better, right?

The Place, Boston

The Place, Boston

Don’t want to stay home for the game? It doesn’t mean you have to head over to your local dive bar to watch it. When it comes to major sporting events it’s not only sports bars that are showing them–it’s basically anywhere with a TV. You might not be able to hear the game because of the loud house music but at least the fans can check out the game and you can dance, gossip, and drink while they’re doing it. This options works particularly well for late evening games.

Pretend (for 5 or 10 minutes) that you’re actually involved. Give a couple of generic yells when it seems appropriate, ask a couple of key questions, give a few high-fives and call it a day. By pretending you your a sports fan, your friends/boyfriend should be appreciative (and if they’re not–move on) that you were such a good sport during game time that they’ll have no choice but to have to repay you but letting you choose the next activity. This is your time to do something they have been bitching they don’t want to do wouldn’t normally be up for such as seeing a play, going on a full-day shopping excursion, yoga, or letting you choose the movie next time you go out.

Want a few bonus points? Create your own fantasy team like Roxanne did (read about her fantasy football experience in her ‘A League of Their Own’ series here, here, here, and here)!

Of course, if you really have nothing else to do game time is a great time to knock a few things off you’re to-do list. A really big game (like the Superbowl) usually leaves otherwise busy places like the mall, gym, or grocery stores empty. Days like these you can get in and out in record time. And you’ll be home in plenty of time to watch Project Runway/The Bachelor/Fashion Police/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/insert name of your favorite TV show.

To my fellow sports-haters, For those of us less interested in sports, good luck surviving another playoff season. It’ll all be over soon.


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