Fantasy Football: A League of Their Own, Part Four

As the playoffs continue, our football loving friend Roxanne is back. Follow along to read about the end of her fantasy season, what she learned from the experience, and most importantly, what she’s looking forward to this weekend!


My first Fantasy Football season has officially come to an end and a champion has been crowned. I’m reluctant to announce that my team, Rice ‘em Dice ‘em, was unsuccessful in earning the championship title (not to mention I’m also $20 poorer!)

However, I’m still pleased with the fact that I made A League of Their Own’s playoffs after an overall, up-and-down season. And while I didn’t advance in the playoffs past the first round, I did manage to finish 4th place overall. (Fourth out of 10 teams isn’t so bad, right?) The championship game was a close match-up between Ray Ray All the Way and No Punt Intended, with Ray Ray All the Way winning it all. My bitter sincere congratulations to this team’s owner!

As I reflect on my first Fantasy Football season, I have to admit I’m really not that heartbroken that the season’s over. (Shocker, right?) As I explained in part three of my series, it’s been a bumpy ride. At the end of the day, I definitely don’t regret playing in a fantasy league, even if it didn’t finish the way that I had hoped.

Without winning the symbolic trophy or the cash that was at stake, I can truthfully say this entire experience has taught me a few things:

1.)   I don’t know as much about football as I thought I did. For a girl, and as obsessed with the sport as I am, I thought I knew a decent amount to finish at the top. Well, I didn’t. But I sure did learn a hell of a lot about the game by playing Fantasy — it’s not a man’s world anymore!

2.)   I don’t have nearly enough time to give Fantasy Football the dedication it requires. I guess I didn’t realize how much extra time I would need to do some solid, proper research about so many different players. I also didn’t realize how truly busy I am between my digital media job and you know, life. Not a bad thing, again, but something I wish I knew going into it.

3.)   I could never participate in more than one league. I know handfuls of people that played in multiple Fantasy leagues this season. In fact, one of my guy friends played in SIX different leagues. UM WHAT?! I could barely keep up with the one team I owned!

4.)   My boyfriend and brothers aren’t Fantasy Football experts either. While I did seek their advice occasionally and their knowledge was definitely helpful, it didn’t exactly result in anymore W’s for me (thanks anyways, guys!)

5.)   I do want to play again next season. All in all, it was a really fun time. Maybe I won’t have enough time or be any more of an expert, but c’mon, everyone knows that rookies rarely have a perfect first season. I can feel it — next year is totally my year to win the Fantasy championship!

Until then, thankfully I have the real NFL playoffs and my Ravens’ continuing conquest to hold me over. I’m sure most of you are well aware (whether it be because you’re a fan or because your boyfriend won’t stop talking about it) of the significant match-up happening this Sunday night in Foxborough, MA. The Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots face-off for the second year in a row in the AFC Championship game! I won’t get into what happened last year (touchy subject), but I will say that revenge is sweet (and that I loathe the Patriots ALMOST as much as the Steelers!)

This past September, I was at the Ravens-Patriots game in Baltimore when the Ravens defeated New England 31-30 in one hell of a nail-biter. I, of course, did my fare share of booing the very few Patriots fans present, and I’m extremely proud to have been a part of the “Bull Shit” chant that was heard loud and clear over National Television. 😉 Did I mention that my hatred for Tom Brady has officially rekindled? Sorry I’m not sorry.

AFC-Championship-Pats-Ravens1I’ll refrain from making any bold predictions for the rematch this Sunday, and I won’t say that the Ravens are going to beat the Patriots and advance to the Big Game in New Orleans in February. Because, if Fantasy Football has taught me anything, it’s that it really is anyone’s game. Anything can happen! (Go Ravens! :))

Are you interested in playing Fantasy Football next season? Email the ladies here at and they’ll put us in touch for more information!


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