Vital Life Lessons Learned: Boston

Thanks to Erika and her welcoming boyfriend, I was able to stay overnight in Boston last night. We had a delicious dinner in the North End, shared some laughs over pregame drinks, and danced the night away at a bar in Faneuil Hall. Sounds pretty regular, right? Well yes, it was a wonderfully successful night but I actually learned some key things that I thought I’d share. These aren’t your run of the mill discoveries, but definitely some that every future Boston party animal needs to know.

Here’s what I learned on my trip to Boston:

  • Parking is scarce, but it does exist. Unless you’re a pro at parallel parking (unlike me), make sure you have a boyfriend, or a friend’s boyfriend, at your disposal to do this for you. It’s a dog eat dog world in the mean streets of Boston parking, so get ready to eat or get eaten.
  • Buy a Groupon deal. Thankfully Erika’s boyfriend was way ahead of us and bought a $80 for $40 deal months before we came up to visit. Appetizers, huge Italian portions, and a bottle of Pinot later, the bill came to about $127. But no fear, we only ended up paying about $20 a person INCLUDING tip after the deal kicked in. Awesome.
  • Be extra friendly to liquor store employees. So as I’m buying a 12-pack of Bud Light, the Russian cashier at Southie Liquors decides to tell me my license picture, which I despise, is so beautiful. I, obviously, thanked him because like I said, I think it’s the worst picture. We proceeded to chat about how the black and white photos of yesteryear are way better than photos today. We only held up the line for, like, 7 minutes but it totally made my night.
  • If your cab fare comes out to the same price every time, play that number in the lotto. We took four separate cabs throughout the night and it came to $9.80 every time. Seriously, I swear. Anyways, I don’t gamble but if you do, it’s definitely a cool idea. Make sure you share your earnings with me because I came up with the idea, after all.
  • Hide candy in your pocket for later. On my way out the door I threw two mini York peppermint patties in my jacket pocket for the ride. I about forgot them until after the pregame was over and we were heading out the door. GREATEST. SURPRISE. EVER.
  • Get beads from the band. No flashing was necessary for Erika and me, but do what you gotta do to get those beads, girl. Mine were green, FYI, which is my fave color.
Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 4.36.52 PM

A compilation of our night

  • If your bestie needs a mint, get the girl a damn mint. Sometimes the taste of alcohol leaves a less than appetizing taste in one’s mouth. If your friend asks if you have gum or a mint and you don’t, you better help her find some. Start in places like the ladies room line and work your way out.
  • DO buy a hot dog from the vendor outside. Drunk eating can be a tricky thing that most might try to avoid, but sometimes you just can’t. Spark up a convo with the guys as they cook your goodies and give them a great tip. Without them, you might end up drunk AND starving. They are pretty much crucial to life.
  • DO ask a random group of bros to take a picture for you. They seemed nice so I asked them to snap a picture of our stylin’ crew. I let my drunkenness friendliness get the best of me and also proceeded to spark up a conversation with them while everyone watched from afar. What can I say, I’m a Chatty Cathy sometimes. Sue me.
  • DON’T get in a random baller’s Escalade. While we were hailing a cab ride home, some random boss drove up and offered us a ride. As sketchy as it sounds/looked, I don’t think the guy wanted to kill us or anything, but it is pretty damn weird to pull up and ask a random group of twenty-somethings if they need a ride. I will tell you that we gracefully declined his offer.
  • Finding surprises under your pillow is awesome. When we got back and were getting ready to get some beauty sleep, we discovered that some jokester had placed an adult DVD under our pillow. I won’t disclose what type to keep this post PG-13, but it was HILARIOUS.
  • Top off the trip with a hungover as F breakfast. Pretty self-explanatory. Touch base on the shenanigans of the night over some eggs, bacon, and waffles. What the heck is better than that? Oh yeah, and make sure you order an iced coffee so you survive the car ride home.

Have you been anywhere and came out of the experience a better, smarter, and more cultured person (like me, duh)? If so, share it with me here or @20sTweet. Happy Hangover πŸ™‚

P.S.: We missed you, Jenna! Next time we will have a better list once the three TwentyTweets girls are together! πŸ˜‰


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1 Response to Vital Life Lessons Learned: Boston

  1. beantownbuyer says:

    Southie Liquors on W Broadway? I know the place well. πŸ˜‰ “Parking is scarce” … ain’t that the truth!!

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