Now that 2012 has come and gone, it’s time to think about what we’ve loved and hated about the past 365 days. Leave it to Twitter to start a hash tag helping us to reminisce about the latter. #LeaveItIn2012 is a polite way of saying, “vow to never, ever do this again… like ever,” (don’t worry, Tay Swift definitely makes this list). Here is a will, of sorts, of things that should definitely be left behind in 2012, never to be seen again. Feel free to add your own, and of course, Happy New Year!

**Disclaimer: My thoughts do not necessarily represent everyone on TwentyTweets!**

  • Call Me Maybe. Where do I begin? Miss Carly Rae, oh how you lucked out. If it wasn’t for J.Biebs tweeting something about your stupid catchy tune, I’m sure that you’d still be a Canadian no-name (no offense). To add to the fact that the song blew up almost instantaneously, it inspired a bunch of even stupider creative people to spawn their own videos. I’m not sure what’s worse…The fact that I actively despise this song and it was over-played for months or that it’s so catchy that I unfortunately know all the words. I cannot wait until it melts away into oblivion forever. Also in this category? Gangnam Style. *Cue annoyed face emoji*
  • 50 Shades of Grey. I’m sorry, but I’m a certified hater. My issue isn’t necessarily with the book, author, or series in general, but the obsessive hype that came from it all. I’m kind of an anti-cult-following kind of person, so the fact that it turned into one of those kind of bugged me. I’m all for empowering women’s sexuality, but why do we need a poorly written book of mediocre raunch to do that?
  • The NHL Lockout. Self-explanatory. C’mon guys, come to an agreement. Some of us need some hockey in our lives. Plus, how am I supposed to be hungover on New Year’s Day without a Winter Classic to watch?!
  • The Kardashians. Used to love them, now not so much. I’m just annoyed with the fact that no matter how hard I try to ignore them, they are literally EVERYWHERE. I don’t think I want them to completely go away, but maybe to fall out of the spotlight for a while. With the news of the newest addition to the Klan coming out recently, I highly doubt that this will actually happen, though. Take a hint from Beyonce, Kim. Keep your relationship as mysterious as possible when you’re in the spotlight. So far it’s work her and Jay! Also, Rob Kardashian should keep his bitch fits on Twitter to a minimum, especially if he’s going to delete them after 10 minutes. Just sayin’.
  • Chris Brown & Rihanna’s relationship. Everyone loves a great love story, but theirs is definitely NOT one. Move on, guys. Stop singing about each other in poorly written songs with sucky sexual innuendo (“cake, cake, cake, cake, cake…”). You’re both hot as sh*t, don’t get me wrong, but idealizing a relationship that mirrors Whitney and Bobby isn’t exactly a great life decision.
  • Twinkies. Just say your peace. They’re gross and I’m actually glad they made their demise this year. Little Debbie is way hotter, anyways.
  • #Annoying #Catchphrase #Hashtags. Although the title of this post includes a hashtag, it’s less annoying than the ones that ran rampant this year. I’m actually a huge Drake fan, but if I have to endure another year with the word YOLO being hashtagged, or worse, spoken in real life, I don’t know what I’d do. Others include: #thatstheshitidontlike, #____hairdontcare, #______problems, #fail, #winning, etc.

Phew… Thankfully 2013 is already upon us so hopefully it will be a fresh start for us all to forget any of this happened in 2012. I wonder what I’ll be bitching about next year…? Let me know what else you guys believe deserves a spot on this list either below or @20sTweet. Oh, and make sure you check out Jenna’s picks on worst fashion of the year.

Happy New Year! 


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