Trend of the Season: Spice up Those Stems

Kylie Jenner rocking bow print tights at sister Kendall's 17 Birthday Party

Kylie Jenner rocking bow print tights at sister Kendall’s 17 Birthday Party

Patterened and printed tights. This isn’t a new trend…in fact it’s been considered one of the “trends of the season” since 2009. Colored tights are even slowly seeping into mainstream fashion. Black tights are a safe choice and may look professional, but there are so many great alternatives when it comes to tights. Why play it safe?

UntitledI’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been noticing these patterened tights everywhere. From Kylie Jenner to one of your cube-mates–this is a look everyone can rock this season AND add a little flair to an otherwise basic dress or skirt.  Whether it’s a basic pattern like the ones from The Loft (on the left) or tights with a little more personality like Kylie’s, consider adding these to your holiday ensambles this year.

Here are a few of my favorites:

These are only $10 at TJ Maxx for a package of 3!

These are only $10 at TJ Maxx for a package of 3!

Want to really look FIERCE? Check out these Leopard Print Tights from Zara. Pair these with a BASIC dress. These should be the focal point.

Leopard Print Tights from Zara ($16.50). Pair these with a basic, solid dress. These should be the focal point of your outfit. Accessories should also be minimal.

Screen shot 2012-12-17 at 8.33.00 PM

I know they’re a little pricy ($34) but I just LOVE the big, bold polka dots! This would look great with a short red or black skirt.

Not in the mood to show a little individuality with your tights? Or maybe your office is a little more business than casual? No problem. My sister swears by Betsey Johnson tights from TJMaxx/Marshalls (seen above) and she says you can find them almost every time you go in. Gap is also a great place to check out business-appropriate tights. Both Gap and Betsey Johnson’s tights are made out of a thicker material so you don’t have to worry about runs or holes before a big meeting.  Another plus? They’ll also keep you warm(er)!

This is another trend that’s easy to find, affordable, and looks great on almost everyone!

One last tip: if you’re wearing patterned tights be sure to keep your other patterns to a minimum — you don’t want your clothes to overpower each other.


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