Last Minute Gift(card) Shopping, Anyone?

Christmas is just around the corner and I haven’t completed my holiday shopping yet. Anyone else still feel like there’s plenty of time? I already told you about some great deals that I got on Black Friday; but again, those were mostly for myself. So now that we’re only 12 days away… Who else is going to be shopping this weekend?! (Or even better, next weekend…) Yes, it’s true. Christmas is on my mind. More specifically? The ol’ Christmas gifts vs. gift cards debate.

Love them? Hate them? The past few years, I’ve notice more gift cards (or even just money in a card) being given rather than actually wrapped gifts themselves. And as a recipient, we love them. Who knows what so-and-so would have given you if he or she tried to pick something out on their own?! A gift card is safe, practical, and usually well appreciated. But when you’re the giver, it never feels that simple. I’m the type of person that prefers to buy gifts (with a gift receipt just in case!) because 1) I like to shop and  2) I try to find something that someone will like and will use. Working in retail, I see a lot of the same types of gifts flying off the shelves each year. Some ideas seem cliche, but then again, are safe and are more fun to give than a simple gift card. Some ultimate faves: lotions, candles, sweaters, scarves, razors, ties, slippers, robes, perfumes, colognes, cozy socks, wallets, and… the list goes on!

IMG_4715But what about those hard-to-shop-for people on your list? I can’t argue that buying a gift card seems so much easier. And now that grocery stores and pharmacies sell what seems like almost every gift card you could ever want, holiday shopping just became so much easier! But back to the recipients — when you’re on the other end — is it obvious your friend did a little one-stop shopping? I personally would never want someone to think that I discovered their gift while browsing the items in the grocery store checkout line. For that reason, a lot of people argue that gift cards are impersonal.

Maybe it’s true. But if you’re trying to please everyone on your list without purchasing a single gift card, you should have started weeks months ago. We’re T-minus two weeks from the big day! Now that the holidays are drawing near, it’s so much easier to convince yourself that your recipient wants to shop for themselves, right? A gift card is the perfect and easiest solution. Plus, we can help one another avoid that fake, “Oh my God, I love it” scenario when opening an awful gift. Let’s be honest — we’ve all been there. 😉

What’s your take? Do you hate giving gift cards? Do you love getting them? What’s a last minute shopper to do? Let us know @20sTweet!


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1 Response to Last Minute Gift(card) Shopping, Anyone?

  1. ldaffin says:

    I love to get gift cards myself and I do give them on occasion; I have friends though, who feel like they are the “easy way out” and they prefer a hand-picked gift. I think it just depends on the gift/person – If you know them really well, chances are you can score the perfect gift; if not, it’s much better to opt for something you KNOW they can use instead of buying them the ugly sweater. But all in all, it really is the thought that counts and besides they can always re-gift!

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