Fast and Furious Cardio Workout

During the winter months, it’s incredibly easy to just skip a workout here or there. Right? Bikini season is long gone, and unless you’re off to some warm destination this winter, you won’t be anything less than fully dressed for the next couple of months. Pair that with Thanksgiving, December holidays, and a few handful of Christmas cookies, and you’re doomed. (Or is that just me?)

One of the best excuses for not doing cardio? “I don’t have enough time.” According to Men’s Health, “the harder you go, the more calories you burn every minute. And unlike slow-and-steady running, cardio at a fast, furious pace can speed your metabolism for hours after your workout.” 

So give the treadmill a break and try this workout with very little rest between sets:



  • 20 Up-down’s
  • 20 standing squats
  • 25 alternating single leg lunges
  • 20 jumping squats (or frog jumps)
  • 25 alternating mountain climbers
  • 20 Up-down’s
  • 10 pushups
  • 20 tricep dips
  • 1 minute plank hold
  • 20 Up-down’s
  • 20 standing squats
  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 20 jumping squats (or frog jumps)


If you’re not sweating by this end of this fast-paced, high-intensity workout, then you weren’t moving quickly enough. The key to at-home workouts is using your own body weight to challenge yourself. If you’re still not feeling it, add 5 or 10 pound dumbbells to the each of the standing exercises. Good luck!

What’s your go-to cardio exercise during the winter? How do you stay motivated? Let us know @20sTweet!


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2 Responses to Fast and Furious Cardio Workout

  1. libs012 says:

    Up and downs are death–which make them the best work out–EVER. Great piece

  2. Carletta Laliberte says:

    Cardio is really helpful to have a healthy body. i always do cardio at least 3 times a week…

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