Baby, It’s (Almost) Freezing Outside

We’re only a day away from December 1 which practically screams, get ready for the freezing cold–as least if you’re in the Northeast like me.  Weather can be unpredictable, so it’s imporant to dress practically and fashionably (Emphasis on the latter.).  Before the cold weather hits, here a few of my winter favorites to stock up on:

I usually hate winter coats (oftentimes they’re too bulky) but ones like these are incredibly warm and very chic. I got a Michael Kors coat similar to this one last year and basically, I’m obsessed with it.  I’ve already been dying to wear it again this year, and am just waiting for the weather to get cold enough to break it out.  Pair it with a bright scarf and you’re ready for a (fashionable) day out or trip to work.  I can honestly say it looks great with everything from riding boots to skirts.  Also, if you’re thinking about buying a longer coat, make sure the length doesn’t fall too awkwardly.  Aim for a coat just above or below your knees; coats that are too long will make you look shorter, as it’ll “cut” your legs in half.

Calvin Klein “Texting Gloves” $38

I lovingly refer to these as “texting gloves.”  These really came onto the fashion scene last winter, and I swear they just keep getting better. At first, they were generic gloves with little pads on the pointer finger and thumb so you could use your iPhone…but not anymore.  This season companies are making texting gloves in fabrics like cashmere, wool and leather. Calvin Klein has some great ones at Macy’s in a variety of colors.  My all-time favorite ones though, are these Black Leather Touch Screen Cashmere lined gloves (because, seriously, who doesn’t love cashmere) available on Bluefly for $92.

No winter ensamble is complete without a scarf.  My favorite are infinity scarves because they’re so easy to wear AND easy to style (just loop around your head two or three times).  Right now, I’m really liking the infinity scarves from Express.  These scarves are lightweight (and looks great under a jacket or over a sweater) but are thick enough to look like a heavy scarf.  Beware: the pictures of these scarves on Express’ website doesn’t really do them justice! If you style it right, they can look even better. I have the Shimmering Infinity in Powder but I’m really loving the Leopard Infinity Scarf too. You find infinity scarves everywhere–from American Eagle, to Target, to Nordstrom, and Banana Republic.

These basic black snow boots are only $44.99 at Target. A good option if you know you’re not going to be wearing them often.

If a ski trip is on your radar these Sorel ‘Tofino’ boots from Nordstrom ($149.95) come in 7 different colors.

And finally, let’s pretend for a quick minute that you’re going to need to shovel some snow this season.  The number of times I shovel in a season is usually about once (although I actually enjoy it–it’s such a good workout). That being said, who says you can’t have a great pair of snowboots anyways?!  I got a pair of Coach snowboots from Marshalls last year, but here are a few other cute ones that will keep your toes nice and warm. And if you don’t want to shell out the extra cash for a pair of shoes that you’ll probably only wear a couple of times this season, check out Erika’s post about turning your rainboots (that you most likely already have) into show boots!

Personally, I never find winter fashion to be all that exciting, but there are a couple of key pieces out there that can help you jazz up your wardrobe from December through March.

…And can someone please tell me why it feels like winter lasts forever when summer and fall just fly by?

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3 Responses to Baby, It’s (Almost) Freezing Outside

  1. ErikaAnn says:

    Great post, Jenna!

  2. kristan says:

    I love the “texting gloves” too! I call mine Glam Gloves. I sell the most beautiful blinged out glam gloves with touch screen capability. Although I would like a pair with cashmere or leather, I try and keep my price real low for buyers so I bling out the generic one size fits all stretchy tech touch gloves. I promise they are worth a peek because they are fab! Only 8 dollars a pair so its an amazing steal!

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