What’s Stolen in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Ok, so you know the saying, “what is stolen in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” No? Oh, let me tell you about it…

My boyfriend Josh and myself, along with another couple, recently headed to Vegas for a trip (this was the first time Josh and I had ever been). We arrived at 9:30 a.m. and after checking into our lux hotel (the Polo Towers are gorgeous!) and grabbing a bite to eat, we decide to go site seeing at the Hoover Dam. It. Was. AMAZING!

Afterwards, we went gambling and decided to pay for a ride up into the Eiffel Tower to watch the water show at the Bellagio–definitely a must. 

The next day we woke up and took a leisurely stroll down to a bakery where I had the BIGGEST pumpkin muffin I’ve ever seen in my life. Delicious!

The day passes by, and that evening we decided to go to “old Vegas” which is the more sleezy side of Vegas, if you will. Here is where we get to the infamous saying above…

So, I’m sitting at a slot machine, close to the door, and my purse is on my lap with my Coach clutch sitting on top of it. As the waitress came by I gave her a tip, and put my clutch back on my lap…BAM! It’s stolen and already out the door before I even knew what happened. Are you f#^*ng kidding me?!?

Goodbye license, goodbye credit card, two bank cards, 500$ cash, and my coach clutch. So long. Oh, and my favorite lipstick… Anyway… So here I am, holding back tears. After talking to the security guards they told me to cancel everything. I finally only have one card left to cancel (my credit card) but it was too late.  They had already made two transactions!!! Next, it was off to the police station to file a report (in order for me to get on the plane without an ID).

What do you know, the Vegas Police Station CLOSES AT 9 PM!!!! (“Sorry–budget cut.”) As you can imagine, I’m devastated. Josh said to me, “Babe, it’s gone. Nothing you can do. Let’s have fun.” I looked at him like, you’re flipping crazy! But after some thought, I knew he was right…

We ended up having a BLAST for the remainder or our trip. We saw two shows, went to Red Rock Canyon (on the left)… We saw the M&M store (yum!)…  and rode the rollercoaster at the New York, New York Hotel!!  (It was one of the best I’ve been on!) :-)Did I mention I ended up winning 500$ on roulette?!?Good karma or just coincidence?! You tell me!

With all that being said, I’ll end with this, everything that I lost I could replace… (In the big picture) Material things don’t mean a damn thing. I wasn’t held up or mugged and later found out though the casino that these people were meth heads. THAT is sad to me. It’s sad they’re at a point in their lives where they have to steal from people in order to “survive.” I’m thankful I’ve never had to experience that type of life. Addiction is one of the hardest things to overcome, and I pray they find the help they need…

So over all, we had a minor set back, but made the best of a bad situation and had one of the best trips I’ve ever had! 🙂

…But next time, I’m sporting a fanny pack!! Hollaaaaa! 😉


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2 Responses to What’s Stolen in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

  1. I’m sorry that happened to you on vacation, but I liked how you wrote about your shift in perspective and how your vacation was awesome. The cloud picture at Red Rock Canyon is gorgeous!

  2. Brittany says:

    People are awful!!!! But I’m glad it didn’t ruin your trip : )

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