Rainy day? Target wins again…

For some reason, rain boots will forever remind me of those mornings in college when you would wake up, see it was snowing, raining, or sleeting outside, roll back over, and eventually have to force yourself to get out of bed.

I never owned a pair of rain boots until I went to school in the Ocean State. For four years, we all trudged around in rubber boots on the inevitable and always miserable, I-don’t-want-to-leave-bed kind of days. For some, rain coats, umbrellas, boots, and shoes became new outlets for fashion. Not for me. I had my plain black boots, purple polka dot umbrella, and a waterproof coat — none of which matched; in fact, they might have even clashed. (Sorry, Jenna!)

Fast forward past the time of college graduation when I pitched my hideous rain boots, thinking that I would never need or want to wear them again. You guessed it — now that I’m an official “commuter,” I’m in need of some rain boots yet again. No need to ruin my work shoes, let alone walk to and from the train in heels, right? Especially on days like today when the forecast says possible snow showers.

So, because I’m now in the “real world,” where sweatpants and ponytails aren’t exactly acceptable everyday, I figured it’s about time for me to pay a little more attention to my appearance. I already bought the perfect trench from Banana Republic and found a small, black umbrella that fits perfectly inside my bag. Now what about shoes? Since I couldn’t fathom the thought of even tempting myself with some of those ridiculously expensive boots (think Burberry, Coach, Tory Burch), I settled for searching at one of our fave, affordable stores here on TwentyTweets — Target.

No surprise, I walked out with more than just rain boots! And one of the items that happened to make its way into my cart is something that I have to share with all of you. I don’t know if I’m just late to the game or what, but this new purchase makes practical, perfect sense.

Rain boot liners. Yep, think of them as big ol’ fuzzy socks that fit perfectly inside your boots. And those “rain” boots you just bought? Instant “snow” boots! I got this pair at Target for $9.99, which ended up being a whole lot cheaper than buying another pair of boots for walking around in the slush. Check it out – there were lots of different liners hanging in the shoe section. Thank you, Target! I (almost) feel ready for my commute this winter.

What’s your rainy or snowy day go-to? Don’t forget to download our rainy day playlist!


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