Ciara’s Goodies: Are They Back?

Songs like Goodies and 1,2 Step, sweaty dance floors, and her own seductive moves are what most people think about when you mention the name Ciara. For me personally, I think of the line ‘To him I’m a gymnast, this room is my circus’ from her song, Ride. Whatever thoughts come to mind, they’re probably rather sexual. High school dances, grinding, getting down in the club? She was the girl to watch and imitate with your girlfriends. How did she move her body like that?

In case you haven’t heard, this R&B princess is back. And the video for her first comeback single, Sorry, is right on par with her sensual style. But what’s different? The raw emotion in her voice. According to VH1, this song is a true story.

“I literally had to stop myself from crying when I was writing it,” she says. “You can kinda hear it on the song. It’s someone that I really loved. They’ll know who they are when they hear the song.”

She’s out to make a statement this year, and don’t let the first one fool you. Her second single Got Me Good is just as sexual and a lot more upbeat – a little less emotion and a lot more dirty dancing.


Booty shaking from left to right, for sure. I can picture it now; tweens at sleepovers everywhere watching this video and trying to mimic her sultry style. It’s No Lie that Ciara’s collaborations with artists like 2 Chainz will continue to be a smart move. It’s probably enough to make you Sweat.

What do you guys think — does she still have it? Is Ciara going to successfully make this comeback?

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