Weddings…Yes there’s ALSO an App for That

Technology strikes again, and this time it’s with yet another Smart Phone application. I thank who ever comes up with these brilliant ideas, but I secretly hate them, too. Why couldn’t I think of that?! But anyways, my newest cyber love is called Wedding Party. With this app you can share photos, notes, and other memories with a pre-selected group of people. Sounds like every other social media outlet, right? Well, yes, kind of… But this can do some pretty cool things if you think outside of the box.

Since I’m no where near wedding mode, I had no idea that things like this existed. I was lucky enough to be asked to me in one of my best friend’s weddings in the early Spring of next year, so it was this blushing bride-to-be who introduced me. It’s usually me doing the techie stuff in our friendship, so when she sent me the invite, I was totally intrigued. Basically, the newlyweds (in my case Pamela and Ryan) set up their wedding information (which is FREE, by the way) on Wedding Party and then invite family, friends, and other guests.

Here are some cool things you can do with Wedding Party:

  • Share photos of events leading up to the wedding that some family members or friends might not be able to attend. This is perfect for loved ones living far away and who can only attend the big day.
  • Organize events with the actual wedding party by sending a quick note out onto the timeline. It works just like Facebook and/or Twitter where the most recent notes or pictures show up on top.
  • Request others to join your wedding feed by including a note in their official invitation. Too busy to add an extra thing to your already hectic list of things to do? Wedding Party can produce prints for you. All you have to do is cut, paste, print, and send!

My favorite aspect of Wedding Party?

  • Live stream events at your wedding! Once you’ve gotten everyone to join, invite them to snap pictures on the big day, and upload them real time. If you have a tech-savvy DJ or friend, all you need is a way to connect a phone/tablet to a screen to have the entire night to streamed live for all to see. Every laugh, tear, salute, or note will pop up, real time, during the wedding. Not only will this be fun to see what everyone at the wedding is up to (who has time to socialize with EVERYONE?), you will have all of these photos saved to the app for you to check out later. Also, if you have family or friends who are unable to attend, they can check out the feed from their Smart Phones, leaving them with images they would have never been able to see otherwise.

Do you have any friends or family members tying the knot soon? Or are you anticipating your big day? Let us know how you used Wedding Party to celebrate the beautiful event.


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